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Duke of Crows
Location Crow's Wood
Clockwork City
Species Crow
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackfeather Court
The Duke of Crows

The Duke of Crows is the head of the Blackfeather Court, a group of sentient crows residing in Crow's Wood.

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Decree of the Court[edit]

"Questions? We charge you a toll, yet you want to talk instead of pecking us?
Miraculous! Speak!"
What are you, exactly?
"What? What? We are crows. Do crows not hold court where you come from? Do they not cluster, conspiring and plotting and politicking?
Watch them more closely, more carefully. Pay attention next time!"
Where did you come from?
"Crow Mother hatched us, taught us to talk. She made me the duke, for I am the smartest and biggest and loudest.
But then she forgot us. I think she was tired of our cawing and wanting. Want, want, want. We want."
Do you miss your mother?
Why is that?
"A crow must leave the nest and fly. Crow Mother has left us dominion over the wood, and our war with bats and wolves keeps us busy.
Enough talk, fledgling. The wood is yours to explore. Go!"

Lost in the Gloam[edit]

You first meet the Duke of Crows in the Machine District. He has dialogue for if you have previously met him in Crow's Wood.

"Hail, crow-friend to my great Knight of Marrow! You came to parlay? What boon do you seek from the Blackfeather Court?"
I seek the key you stole from the Clockwork Basilica, your grace.
"The Shiniest? The Great Prize? Outrageous! What could you possibly offer us that rivals the luster of the magnificent lock-poker?
Speak quickly! Speak! My knights and I must prepare for our next battle with the Exarchs of Dross!"
I could help you fight off these Exarchs.
"You would take up the Blackfeather banner? Tempting! The Exarchs use wingless allies to shoot down my vassals and scatter my treasures. But if we had a giant of our own.... Very well, I accept!
Go! Destroy the Exarchs, and the key is yours. Yours!"
Why are you fighting the Exarchs?
"The Exarchs of Dross hate us! They envy our fine plumage, and covet our gleaming treasures.
I parlayed with their leader before- the Queen of Chaff. She thinks the Daedra will reward her for loyal service, but we know that's not true. Not true!"
How long have you been fighting?
"Aeons in crow-time. But the Blackfeather Court will not be intimidated by these grackles! My knights will pluck the queen's vane feathers and leave her to flop about like a fledgeling!"
How did you and the Exarchs get here?
"Through a pool of shadow! We heard the call of our mistress and obeyed. But once we saw this great sea of treasures, we decided to revolt. The Duke of Crows does as he pleases!
The city of shimmering prizes belongs to us now."
Sotha Sil might have a problem with that.
"I have heard this name, Sotha Sil. A dead king- or soon dead king, I've heard it said. It makes no difference! The Blackfeather Court claims this place. It's ours. Ours!"
Wait, you've heard about Sotha Sil? What else do you know?
"I know only that he's a half-metal giant who hides in a buzzing nest deep within the city. And that the Exarchs and their featherless allies want him dead.
But how does this help the war effort? Enough talk! Go! Go!"

Speaking to him again before dealing with the Exarchs of Dross:

"Destroy our foes, the Exarchs of Dross, and I will take you to the Great Prize! Go!"

If you've met him before in Crow's Wood, he greets you differently and you can ask him another question:

"Hail, crow-friend. Yes, I remember you- the wingless bat-killer of Crow's Wood! How could I forget my tallest, clankiest vassal?"
"I thank you for what you did for our gallant Knight of Marrow. Now, what boon do you seek from the Blackfeather Court?"
Why did you leave Crow's Wood?
"We grew tired of it! Dreary spider-caves, screechy bats, crumbling roosts... the Court deserved a much grander domain. So, here we are, and here we will stay."
I don't think the Clockwork Apostles will like that.
"Clockwork Apostles? Feh! Clanking, featherless peasants!"
"The Blackfeather Court cannot be cowed by wolves, or bats, or hags. We will certainly not bow to frumpy metal wizards!"
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