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Knight of Marrow
Location Crow's Wood, Brass Fortress
Species Crow
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackfeather Court
The Knight of Marrow in Crow's Wood

The Knight of Marrow is a crow of the Blackfeather Court found in the Clockwork City, trying to woo his love Lady Blightwing.

He can also be found in Crow's Wood, atop the ruined tower in the wolf area, trying to find marrow for the Duke of Crows. If met there for the first time, he'll admonish you for climbing so high up when you can't fly.

Related Quests[edit]


Crow's Wood[edit]

He can be met in the pocket Oblivion realm, the Crow's Wood:

"What are you doing up here? It's too high for your kind! You have no wings. If you fall, you'll go 'splat!'
I'd be sad to eat your tasty bits. Mostly."
Who are you?
"I am a knight, my featherless friend. 'The' knight, I suppose, as I am the only one in this realm.
You will address me as 'sir.'"
You're a knight, eh?
"Do not doubt it! I am the Knight of Marrow, noble guardian of the Blackfeather Court.
I am on a quest to recover bones full of delicious marrow for the duke to eat."
What can you tell me about the duke?
"He is my liege lord, the master of the Crow's Wood in the absence of the Crow Mother.
As a visitor to the wood, you will be asked to complete a quest of your own."
Can you tell me about the quest?
"No, I'm afraid I can't. I must be about my own quest. You have delayed me long enough. These bones won't collect themselves."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Lost in the Gloam[edit]

As you approach his perch:

Knight of Marrow: "Who is this? Do you come to challenge the Knight of Marrow? Have at thee, featherless foe!"

Speaking to the Knight:

"If you be foe, cast down your silly gauntlet! But I warn you- you touch this magnificent trove at your own peril! I gathered these treasures for my lady love, and I would sooner die than let you take them!
What say you, Featherless?"
I'm not here to steal your treasure. I want an audience with the Duke of Crows.
"The Duke holds court in Blackfeather Castle. I could arrange a meeting. But can't you see? Heartache has clipped my wings!
Lady Blightwing spurns me! My heroic exploits and shiny gifts only bore her. Mine is a tale of woe. Woe!"
If I help you win over your lady love, will you take me to the Duke?
"You would do that? But how? I gathered a great hoard of glistening treasures and sweet meats and she only laughed! Laughed!
Perhaps a different gift? You featherless ones sometimes woo with song and verse, yes? Teach me!"
You want me to help you write a love poem?
"Yes! A poem! A trinket unlike any other!
The flightless oafs who live here in the Fortress hid a great hoard of words in one of their stone houses. If you help me pluck the tenderest verses, I will take you to see the Duke."
All right. I'll help you write this poem.

Immediately following the conversation:

Knight of Marrow: "Follow me! The word-vault is this way. This way!"

Upon reaching the Archivox:

Knight of Marrow: "Here we are! The word vault lies beyond that door. I shall perch here and await your swift return!"

Returning with a poem:

"My feathers quiver with inspiration! Tel me, have you found a poem worthy of Lady Blightwing?"
Yes, I found some poems.
"Well? Which one should I use to woo my sharp-eyed love?"
The Ballad of Brisbor Battle-Axe seems fiery and passionate. <Show the Knight your transcription.>


This Love Poem LT0782 looks ... interesting. <Show the Knight your transcription.>


? <Show the Knight your transcription.>
"Hmm. Yes! Perfect! Let's do that one! I can't wait to express my feelings in the sweaty, fat-legged, wingless tradition!
Follow me to the Machine District, squire. You can finally meet my lady love. And the Duke too, I guess."
I'll meet you at the Machine District.

While heading off to the Machine District:

Knight of Marrow: "Away! To the castle of my lady love!"

Upon arriving at the door to the Machine District:

Knight of Marrow: "This way, squire! Come! Come!"

After recruiting Proctor Luciana Pullo to accompany you into the District:

Knight of Marrow: "No! Your metal woman is not allowed in Castle Blackfeather! I forbid it!"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "I don't want to go anywhere near your filthy castle, vermin. Let's get this over with."

Arriving at the Castle for the Reading:

Lady Blightwing: :"Crowmother help me..."
Knight of Marrow: "My fair maiden of ruin! My heart swells to see you, like a dead cat's belly warmed by the sun."

The Poem Reading: This scene plays out in one of three ways, depending on which poem you picked for the Knight to read. The Battle of Brisbor Battle-Axe:

Knight of Marrow: "My passions burn with forbidden desire...."
Knight of Marrow: "Love, given cruel voice by... the charred flesh of my enemies?"
Lady Blightwing: "Charred flesh? Burning passions?"
Knight of Marrow: "It's all true, my dearest love. I would feed you the flesh of a thousand burnt carcasses, if you would only give me the chance...."
Lady Blightwing: "Of course, sir knight! How could I refuse such honeyed words? I feel a swoon coming on!"
Knight of Marrow: "She said yes! I owe you a debt, crow-friend. Duke! Duke, may I present the featherless poet."

Love Poem L2107B:

Knight of Marrow: "Your merits, uh … defy calculation?"
Knight of Marrow: "My pelvic bracket pumps like a piston …. Oh, that's not right!"
Lady Blightwing: "What? Is this some kind of featherless joke?"
Knight of Marrow: "And your face! Your face looks symesital …? Symetical? It looks shiny! So shiny!"
Lady Blightwing: "Sir Knight, that was … unique. So mysterious! I like your face too. Join me on the treasure-heap some time!"

Ode to a Brass Lily:

Knight of Marrow: "A brass lily nods … under gentle showers"
Knight of Marrow: "Its shiny petals polished under a rain of kisses …."
Lady Blightwing: "Rain? No rain! It crinkles my feathers!"
Knight of Marrow: "Oh! Not real rain! A rain of … entrails! Yes! Tasty entrails!"
Lady Blightwing: "Entrails? Oh, Sir Knight, you know the way to my heart goes through my gullet. Bring me entrails and I shall share with you … maybe."
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