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NPC schedules not possible to write in-game[edit]

  • Mirili Ulven (Weird schedule including her starting all over again if you disturb her.)
  • Bruscus Dannus (Written Schedule on his talk page, but needs to be put on his wiki page.)
  • Runs-In-Circles (Random schedule)
  • Ulrich Leland (random patrolling)
  • Rimalus Bruiant (as soon as you enter his house he detects you, even with invisibility or 100% chameleon)

Written schedules in need of attention[edit]

  • Lenka Valus - something odd happens at midnight - when is she supposed to start praying/sleeping?
  • Gerich Senarel (There must be some determined locations he patrols; e.g. Danus Artellian)
  • Magra gro-Naybek (I know we both wrote and checked, but if he can't get out of the basement, it should be mentioned)
  • Avita Vesnia (occasionally sits down on the bench near the shrine in the morning, but only if you use the wait feature. What's the problem? - also, the missing chair at the Priory could use a more informative bug description)
  • Caenlorn (random behavior - but I tried anyway)
  • Thurindil (needs a rewrite)
  • Heinrich Oaken-Hull (not sure if he seeks out Newheim in the morning + random behavior)
  • Restita Statlilia (hard to write because of her bug but I tried anyway)
  • Anguilon (seems random - but I tried anyway)

NPC pages in need of a bug description[edit]

Missing/Problematic Dialogue[edit]