Stormhold:Dungeon Camp

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Dungeon Camp

The Dungeon Camp is the only safe place in Stormhold prison, and is where you begin the game. All of the helpful NPCs can be found in the camp. When the player teleports or dies, they will be brought here. The camp functions as a nexus between the surrounding dungeons, so be prepared to visit this place often.

The Dungeon Camp contains two subsections: the Warden's Camp and the Outer Camp. The Warden's Camp is an open area at the center of the camp, and is where the player spawns at the beginning of the game. This is also where Warden Varus will occasionally appear to speak with you after a tunnel is excavated. All other NPCs are located in the Outer Camp, which consists of four tunnels leading off into the dungeons. Each NPC has their own "wing", which can be hard to distinguish for new players.

  • Arantamo is in the eastern wing of the north tunnel.
  • Beneca is in the western wing of the north tunnel.
  • Celegil is in the west tunnel.
  • Helga is in the eastern wing of the south tunnel.
  • Vander is in the western wing of the south tunnel.
  • Favela Dralor is in the east tunnel.