Stormhold:Favela Dralor

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Favela Dralor
Location Outer Camp (East)
Gender Female
Training Alteration, Illusion, Short Blade

Favela Dralor is one of the few friendly faces inside Stormhold prison. She is a fellow prisoner, and will offer training for aid points. You will find her in a side passage in the East Outer Camp.

She is ritualistic almost to a necromantic degree, and needs many dark trinkets for her deviations. She trains Alteration, Illusion and Short Blade.


When you meet her for the first time, she will greet you with: "Dark times, dark skies, now you. Welcome. I might help you later... if you prove amusing."

On subsequent meetings, she will say one of three random greetings:

  • "Guards took my crystal. Eye for an eye, I say."
  • "I swear I shall lash those overseers someday."
  • "I just need a little ritual carving and then I will show them what cursed is."

If you attempt to befriend her, she will respond with:

  • No - "Cat dragged you in, cat can drag you back out."
  • Maybe - "I was just thinking of the trinket your ear would make, but please continue."
  • Okay - "Helping you beats boiling another rat tail."
  • Yes - "With my aid the pain you shall bring to my enemies will be delicious."

If you attempt to threaten her, she will respond with:

  • Fail - "With the fat on you I could make twelve candles. Leave before I do."
  • Success - "You like fear in others, don't you?"

If you offer her a gift, she will respond with:

  • Reject - "I promise to think of a polite rejection tomorrow."
  • Accept - "I have seen worse. I'll take it."
  • Like - "Now this is interesting. Very interesting."
  • Love - "I love it! But repeat that, and I will forget I know you."

She may deny you training for either of these reasons:

  • No Aid Points - "I have better things to do today."
  • Player Corrupted - "Your soul has become twisted. I might like that in others, but it ill becomes you. Rid yourself of it before I train you."

If she becomes corrupted, she will ask for your help saying: "The darknesss consuming me is not the one I choose. I need hollow crystals." Should you bring her a Hollow Crystal, she will thank you with: "Interesting sensation. I am better now."



If you offer to give an item to a trainer but don't have anything in your inventory, they will reply with:

"You have nothing to give me!"

When you exit the message however, you will be speaking to Helga. Exiting conversation will reveal you are still beside the original NPC.