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Location Outer Camp (North)
Gender Male

Beneca is one of the few friendly faces inside Stormhold prison. He is a fellow prisoner, and can smuggle you crystals in return for loot. You will find him in a side passage in the North Outer Camp.


When you meet him for the first time, he will greet you with: "You are in for a rough stay, but I can make it better. You find stuff you don't need while digging, bring it here. I can trade you crystals that can save your life down there."

To gain aid points with him, you must give him loot you find in the tunnels. He will respond with either:

  • Refuse - "Sorry, I have no use for that."
  • Accept - "Thanks. I'll add this to your tab."

You can trade these aid points for crystals. When you attempt the transaction, he will say:

  • Success - "Here you go. I hope it aids you on your quest."
  • Not Enough Aid Points - "I'll need more equipment from you before I stick my neck out for you further..."


  • Warp Crystal - 3 AP
  • Ailment Crystal - (?)
  • Heal Crystal - (?)
  • Magicka Crystal - (?)
  • Stamina Crystal - (?)
  • Experience Crystal - 3 AP
  • Recovery Crystal - (?)
  • Pain Crystal - (?)
  • Guardian Crystal - (?)
  • Camp Crystal - (?)
  • Gray Aura Crystal - (?)
  • Dark Aura Crystal - (?)
  • Black Aura Crystal - (?)