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Location Outer Camp (South)
Gender Female

Helga is one of the few friendly faces inside Stormhold prison. She is the camp's healer, and will help you on your quest. You will find her in a side passage in the South Outer Camp.

She provides rumors to advance the story, and will offer magical services in return for crystals.


When you meet her for the first time, she will greet you with: "Sorry to see another innocent in Stormhold. I need crystals for my work; should you find some in your digging I will gladly help you for those."

She will also provide you with some basic background of the situation: "Varus opens new tunnels, seeking some Stormhold crystal. But his scheme, removing evil from one man to place in another, is madness. The earth itself oozes corruption as a result of afflicting far too many for me to help."

If you die, Helga will revive you with the words: "Ah, you're awake now. Overseers dragged you in here; but I thinked [sic] they lined their pockets first. You should be fine now."

If you give her something, she will respond with either:

  • Crystal - "Thank you. I'll be able to do wonders with this."
  • Other - "I have no need for that. Please keep it."

With the aid points earned from giving her crystals, she can offer you several essential magical services:

  • Recovery: "All fixed. Try not to push yourself too hard down there."
  • Bless:
    • "Drink this. You should notice an improvement to all of your skills for a while." (2 AP)
    • "There is no need for me to bless you now, since you are already blessed."
  • Cure: "You had a few nasty ones, didn't you? No matter. You're all better now." (1 AP)
  • Warp:
    • "Ready to warp back to your last location?" (1 AP)
    • "You haven't use [sic] a warp crystal yet, so there's no where [sic] to return you."
  • Enchant:
    • "Here you go - all spiced up and ready for action." (3 AP)
    • "There is no need for me to enchant that."
  • If you don't have the required number of aid points she will deny you the service, saying: "Sorry, I'll need more crystals before I can do that."

She has several rumors which advance the storyline, often opening new dungeons for exploration:

  • "They have broken through to new areas in the north. Seek more crystals there."
  • "Excavation in the south has opened new tunnels."
  • "Varus executed four tunnel rats for knowing the secret of what he seeks. Rumors are that it is a crystal."
  • "Workers whisper of new areas to the east."
  • "There has been a breakthrough in the west."
  • "Varus threatened me, saying I was after his Storm Crystal. He will kill me I know it, and I don't even know what the crystal does."
  • "Varus is on his way to the Storm Crystal in the XX. Please Hurry! You must stop him."