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Location Outer Camp (North)
Gender Male
Training Conjuration, Destruction, Speechcraft

Arantamo is one of the few friendly faces inside Stormhold prison. He is a fellow prisoner, and will offer training for aid points. You will find him in a side passage in the North Outer Camp.

He is honorable, and misses the comforts of freedom. He trains Conjuration, Destruction and Speechcraft.


When you meet him for the first time, he will greet you with: "I see they have captured another pearl to cast before the swine. Perhaps I can help you later, should fates conspire us."

On subsequent meetings, he will say one of three random greetings:

  • "The guards know me well, taunting whenever they have fresh baked goods."
  • "My candles are gone. I cannot work at night."
  • "What flavor of gruel have we tonight? I would surely favor some well cooked mutton."

If you attempt to befriend him, he will respond with:

  • No - "I am sorry, did you think I was listening?"
  • Maybe - "I am listening, but my ears will soon tire."
  • Okay - "Your words ring true; I shall help you."
  • Yes - "Delighted to help one so cultured."

If you attempt to threaten him, he will respond with:

  • Fail - "Your words smell worse than you do. Begone."
  • Success - "You're a boor, but an effective one."

If you offer him a gift, he will respond with:

  • Reject - "Never. Please remove it from my sight."
  • Accept - "Ah.. A small light in a dreary day."
  • Like - "Excellent! Thank you, thank you very much."
  • Love - "A legendary bard could not capture my joy. Thank you!"

He may deny you training for either of these reasons:

  • No Aid Points - "Improve yourself before you ask me to improve you."
  • Player Corrupted - "You must cleanse yourself before I can train you further."

If he becomes corrupted, he will (indirectly) ask for your help saying: "The foulness of this place pains me. I need help." Should you bring him a Hollow Crystal, he will thank you with: "Ahhh... thank you friend."



If you offer to give an item to a trainer but don't have anything in your inventory, they will reply with:

"You have nothing to give me!"

When you exit the message however, you will be speaking to Helga. Exiting conversation will reveal you are still beside the original NPC.