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A list of notes and other works that appear on single pieces of parchment.


Some of the notes found throughout the Shivering Isles

Title (ID) Author Description
Mirili's List
Mirili Ulven A list of items required by a dedicated researcher
Amber Materials List
Dumag gro-Bonk A list of items required to make Amber Armor
Madness Ore Materials List
Cutter A list of items required to make Madness Armor
Hirrus Clutumnus's Will
Hirrus Clutumnus The last will and testament of a manic depressive
Faded Note
The last thoughts of one of Crucible's residents
Arbiter's Log
A list of punishments and rewards given by the Zealot arbiter
Death Decree
The death sentence passed on the perpetrator of a heinous crime
Letter to Sheogorath
Relmyna Verenim A lover's letter, updating her paramour on recent events
Liturgy of the Duelists
The mantra of a strange cult found in New Sheoth

Relmyna Verenim's Notes[edit]

The series of six notes by Relmyna Verenim on her experiments in Xaselm.

Title (ID) Author Description
Experiment Log - Day 12
Relmyna Verenim A study on the effects of amputation on combat effectiveness
Project Hound's Blood - Day 7
Relmyna Verenim Notes on experiments involving the addition of zombie blood to a dog
Hunger vs. Shambles
Relmyna Verenim Testing whether a Hunger's hunger increases after being in proximity to potential prey
Reptilian Appetite Conditioning
Relmyna Verenim Can long-term conditioning overcome pure hunger?
Unproductive Musings
Relmyna Verenim Thoughts on the nature of pain, by an expert on the matter
Week-old blood
Relmyna Verenim Notes on a fight between two previously equal opponents

Ebrocca Notes[edit]

A series of notes about the construction of Ebrocca and its subsequent problems.

Title (ID) Author Description
Crematory Instructions
The user's manual for a powerful furnace
Letter Draft
Demands from an unsatisfied customer
Love Letter
A letter from an infatuated youth to his lover
Sealed Correspondence
G. Malifant Excuses for delays in a grand plan
Weathered Letter
Concerns about the security system being constructed in a family tomb
Yellowed Copy
Ardwe Malifant, Clanfather A somewhat unemotional response to a death notice

Cann Notes[edit]

Notes detailing the disastrous attempt at Cann to get people to love each other.

Title (ID) Author Description
Perfumed Letter
Scented Parchment

Fain Notes[edit]

Notes detailing the sacrifices to 'Gyub' in Fain.

Title (ID) Author Description
Gyub, Lord of the Pit
A liturgy in praise of an unholy monster
A request for more "volunteers" to aid in an obscure ceremony