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Home Settlement Lillandril
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Vaerelel is an Altmer painter who can be found in Lillandril. He and Tindoria both trained under Haenamil, but are now bitter rivals, and Vaerelel will stop at nothing to collect supplies for his paintings.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Perils of Art: Gather some exclusive painting supplies for an artist in Lillandril.

Quest Related Events[edit]

The Perils of Art[edit]

Vaerelel will not speak to you prior to the quest. But as soon as you finish speaking to Tindoria, Vaerelel will approach her mockingly:

Vaerelel : "Hard at work, Tindoria? How goes your finger painting?"
Tindoria : "Ah, Vaerelel! I see you've deigned to step out of your florid abode. Come to see how a real artist creates?"
Vaerelel : "I'd enlighten you with a response, but we both know my skill speaks for itself."
Tindoria : "Why, you're certainly skilled at boasting! If only you had the artistic sense Auri-El gave a mud hopper, you might produce something of worth."
Vaerelel : "Ha! Your tongue remains as sharp as your wits. When I'm declared the royal court's newest artist, I'll be sure to send you an invitation to dinner."
Tindoria : "What a kind offer, though I'm sure that won't be necessary. After all, we both know that I'll be the one to acquire that position."

After the exchange of witty insults, you'll be able to speak to him directly:

"So you've volunteered to collect Tindoria's arduous list of artistic materials? How exciting. Do try not to get eaten by anything unpleasant."
Who are you?
"Who am I? Honestly, I'm shocked you haven't heard of me. My works of brilliance are desired across all Summerset. My name reverberates throughout the land, on the lips of nobles and commoners alike.
An artist? No. I am the artist!"
You certainly are confident.
"I assure you, my confidence is well earned.
Unlike poor Tindoria. She tries her best, but those with an eye for these sort of things know the truth. She lacks a certain … something."
You certainly seem to hate her.
"Hate? That's quite a strong term. Why, we're simply friendly rivals. It's always been that way, ever since we trained together under Haenamil. Truly, I relish our time together.
I'm simply the better artist."

If you return to Liandril after gathering Tindoria's items, he'll ask to speak to you first:

Vaerelel : "Hold, courier! I would like to have a word, if you would."
"You know, I've heard quite a bit about your little venture to acquire Tindoria's supplies for her latest sketch, and I must say I'm impressed. You've certainly proven capable.
I have a proposition for you. Sell those supplies to me instead."
Why would I sell Tindoria's supplies to you?
"Well, I could speak to how those supplies would be used in the service of art that touches the soul of mer and man, but I feel my words would not move you. So, let's try another venue then, shall we? I'll double whatever payment Tindoria has offered."
I don't know if I should trust you. I know you sabotaged Brodran's bug farm.
"Me, do such a thing? As I told dearest Brodran, it was Tindoria who sought to drive him to ruin. Why, I adore the little woodland elf!
Tindoria has tricked you, my friend."
It wasn't Tindoria who told me.
"Then someone she paid to incriminate me, no doubt. This game we play is one with many twists. Tindoria has simply made sure to be one step ahead this time.
Sell me those supplies, and I'll even make sure to compensate Brodran for the trouble."
I'm going to complete my contract with Tindoria.
"Well that's a shame, isn't it? Such wonderful colors wasted on such a forgettable piece. I am a purveyor of the divine, my friend. You cannot blame me for trying.
Off with you then. I shall defeat my rival the old-fashioned way—with talent!"
If you're paying double, I'll take that deal.

If you refused his offer he'll say:

"So you've chosen to be as unreasonable as your employer. Typical.
Well, no matter. I have no doubt the royal court will choose to sponsor me as their next artist. I have no need for fancy paints to sway the hearts of mer."

Otherwise, he'll say: (?)

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