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Home Settlement Lillandril
Location End of quay south of the Wayshrine
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Tindoria is a noted Altmer artist who has set up at the end of the quay in Lillandril. She doesn't have the right reagents to indulge amher art in however and asks for assistance obtaining them.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Perils of Art: Gather some exclusive painting supplies for an artist in Lillandril.

Quest Related Events[edit]

The Perils of Art[edit]

"Finally, the courier! I expected you hours ago. You must acquire my materials at once. And don't think I'll compensate you for the rush, given you're the one who was late."
I'm not your courier, but what's this job you're talking about?
"Oh, well. I can hardly keep track of every face I hire. An artist's work is endless.
I need colors! Rich, rare, vibrant. After all, this painting will be the masterpiece of my career. I simply cannot work with mediocre shades."
What do you mean, you need colors?
"Reagents! Ingredients! Naturally, of course. I require that you gather the supplies needed to make the vivid paint this masterwork requires.
Just take this list. Oh, and this tea of course. You'll need it to acquire the first item. Now, hurry along."
All right, I'll collect the materials for your painting.
"I really do need you to hurry along. Inspiration could strike me at any moment, and I simply must have the perfect colors when that time comes."
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
"Oh, of course. You're a fan. Well, I'm not surprised my popularity precedes me. I'm sure it's not every day that you meet an artist of my caliber.
As long as it doesn't delay you for too long, you may ask me some questions."
Can you tell me more about your life as an artist?
"From what I gather, Summerset views its artists rather differently than the rest of Tamriel. It's one of the few ways to rise above your family's station, and enter the world of the elite.
This masterpiece shall be my final step."
Will you become a noble or something?
"Oh no, no. Being a renowned artist is a station all its own, and a highly respected one at that. From this generation forth, my descendants shall say my name with reverence. What more could one ask for?"
And these ingredients will help you achieve this goal?
"I'm known for my art, yes, but I need something to set me apart. A painting that shall hang for centuries, worshiped by those who gaze upon it.
To do so I need breathtaking, resplendent colors. Vivid, powerful, emotional."
Why are these ingredients so special?/Can you tell me more about the ingredients?
"Haemelin's dye produces the most gorgeous teal you'll ever see. The Yokudan tea I've given you should be a good enough trade.
Brodran's bug carcasses create greys with flashes of silver. He's already received payment, so just tell him my name."
Anything else?
"The aurialis. Oh, such a glowing orange it produces. Beautiful enough to bring tears to your eyes. The flowers are rare, but I happen to know a hilltop where they still grow.
I've marked all the locations for you in the note."

As you turn to leave, Vaerelel will approach her mockingly:

Vaerelel : "Hard at work, Tindoria? How goes your finger painting?"
Tindoria : "Ah, Vaerelel! I see you've deigned to step out of your florid abode. Come to see how a real artist creates?"
Vaerelel : "I'd enlighten you with a response, but we both know my skill speaks for itself."
Tindoria : "Why, you're certainly skilled at boasting! If only you had the artistic sense Auri-El gave a mud hopper, you might produce something of worth."
Vaerelel : "Ha! Your tongue remains as sharp as your wits. When I'm declared the royal court's newest artist, I'll be sure to send you an invitation to dinner."
Tindoria : "What a kind offer, though I'm sure that won't be necessary. After all, we both know that I'll be the one to acquire that position."

Return to her with the supplies and she'll greet you with:

"At last you return, and with my reagents. Come, I simply must see them. My genius is like a stallion waiting to be set free!"
I've gathered your reagents, but there was a … complication.
"Complication! Ha! A fine way to refer to Vaerelel.
Oh, don't look so surprised. I can still smell that insufferable perfume of his. Yet here you are, which tells me you must have seen through his charade. Now, what of my supplies?"
This may be the last aurialis plant on Summerset. You may not be able to find anymore.
"Why, that's just wonderful, isn't it? I now possess the last aurialis plant on Summerset. Oh, the others will be so jealous when they hear of this! To know my masterpiece will immortalize such a beautiful shade of orange. It's poetic. Grandiose!"

If you couldn't get the flower:

I couldn't acquire the aurialis. It seems to be going extinct.
""Extinct? How could such a common plant go extinct? Just last week I saw some—or, wait a moment. Was that last month? Last year? Oh, how the time flies when you're creating.
No matter. Fine. I can work without it. I will, however, dock your pay.""'
Also, Vaerelel poisoned the bugs on Brodran's bug farm. They won't mate.
"Oh, that scoundrel. Brodran is a good mer, and he loves those bugs like his own children. This is intolerable news! How will I do without my sea gray?
No, I cannot allow this. I will send Brodran a loan to cover this year's livestock."
Haemalin was grateful for the tea.
"Oh wonderful! I hoped she'd like it. I do wish she'd return to the city, instead of living in that backwater swamp.
Though perhaps something good can be said for her isolation, as she's created such a lovely teal."
Well, here are the supplies you asked me to acquire.
"And here is your payment, as contracted. I am pleased you chose to honor our arrangement instead of siding with that scoundrel.
Oh, I see it now. You! You're the perfect subject for my masterpiece! Your shining loyalty, your pure heart. Perfect!"

Speaking to her again:

"Your visage upon my canvas shall be viewed for centuries, I'm sure. Why, maybe one day it will be featured in a gallery with the Queen herself!
It's really very generous of me. You're quite welcome."
I don't have time to sit for a painting.
"Oh? Just a quick sketch then, to capture your essence. I simply must make sure I get the eyes right.
There, that should serve well enough."