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Location Outside his house
House Brodram's House
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Brodran is a Bosmer found at his house south of Shimmerene. He raises Alavlin Beetles, and you'll find him in his barn feeding his stock. He uses the beetles to produce a gray pigment desired by several artists throughout Summerset.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Perils of Art: Gather some exclusive painting supplies for an artist in Lillandril.

Quest Related Events[edit]


Prior to starting the quest, he'll only say:

"Mind your step there, stranger! These little beauties are as delicate as they are delicious."

The Perils of Art[edit]

"Hey there, careful where you step! My livestock is having their dinner, and I won't have some bumbler stomping all over them. I've got enough trouble with their mating woes."
Livestock? You mean these bugs?
"These bugs happen to be the most desirable alavlin to crawl upon Summerset. When ground up, my beauties make the most brilliant shade of gray you ever did see.
Why, I've even got the artist Tindoria as a client—oh. Well, I did. What a shame."
What's a shame?
"I always took her for one of the good ones. Never tried to cheat me or say I wasn't welcome. Always complimented my beauties when she visited. The ideal customer, every time.
To think that she would go so far as to sabotage my livestock."
Why would Tindoria sabotage your farm?
"Because it turns out she's just like every other High Elf on this island! I refused to sell my carapaces to her exclusively, and this is what happens!
Vaerelel was just heart broken when I had to turn him away."
Vaerelel was here?
"Yes, and he had quite a bit to say about Tindoria. He told me just last week she was complaining about my services. And I heard this wouldn't be the first time she's done something shady.
By Y'ffre, to think I was so blind!"
I'll see if I can find out what happened to your livestock.
"Go on, check all around my farm. You won't find anything useful, trust me! Tindoria is far too clever for her own good. What does that leaf-eater care about us little people? Nothing, not a thing!"

Return to him and tell him of your findings:

"I trust your search was as fruitless as mine."
Actually, I found the mer sabotaging you. And he said Vaerelel paid him to do it.
"He did? Honestly, I would love to believe that. Tindoria's support was the only thing I had going for my business for a long while.
But what would Vaelerel have to gain from all this?"
Tindoria needs your carapaces. Perhaps Vaerelel was trying to sabotage her.
"That's true. Tindoria and Vaelerel have been rivals for as long as they've been artists.
I even let that bastard convince me Tindoria was the one who did it! Oh, these artists and their rivalries. It's always us little people who are made to suffer."
Tindoria hired me to collect your carapaces. Do you still have some to give?
"Here, take the last of my stock.
I'm sorry I ever took the word of that perfumed pansy over Tindoria. Just glad I'm able to get her this shipment. That gentle mer never did me a bit of harm."
I'll make sure to relay the message.
"No High Elf wanted to do business with me until Tindoria started buying my stock. Her good word has earned me quite a bit of business.
She's a bit stuck up, but she sees the value in hard work. No matter where you come from."


Return to him after some time, and he'll comment:

"Since you dealt with whatever Vaerelel planted on my land, my alavlin have been downright energetic. It'll take some time to restore their numbers, but they now seem quite eager for the task."


  • Brodran's house is misnamed Brodram's House.