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Location Reaper's March
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Khali is one of the Lunar Champions, along with her twin sister Shazah. If she completes the Moonlit Path, she could become the next Mane.

Khali is more adventurous than her sister, although she can also be prone to rage when it comes to revenge. She often mentions sharing a drink with the Moon Hallowed and wields a sword. When she begins her first trial on the Moonlit Path, she becomes enraged at the Colovian soldiers, asking you to help her kill them all. It is later revealed that her mother, her guide on the Moonlit Path, was killed by a Colovian general. During the events of the Path, Khali hones her anger and begins her journey to becoming the future leader of the Khajiit.

Khali possessed by the Dark Mane

However, if you choose to make Shazah the Mane, Khali will become corrupted by the Dark Mane. You and Shazah are forced to kill her.

Related Quests[edit]

Depending on your choices the following quests may not involve Khali:


Grim Situation[edit]


"Khali... does not think so. The barrier here seems much stronger. And she senses—moons, that is strange. This one senses a dark energy powering the ward on this door. We'll have to open the door from the other side."
How do we do that?
"There's a ruined doorway on the south wall. This one bets we can slip through.
If my suspicions are right, whatever is beyond this door is powering the barriers."
Let's find it and destroy it.
"Just so you know, after this Khali will drink that brandy—whether or not you are still alive. So, stay alive."
What can you tell me about the attack?
"This day has dull claws. We were ready for the Colovians. Shazah and Khali would have helped the Dominion troops break the siege. A new song would be sung in out honot. But the 'mathra. Bah!"
It sounds like you've been in a number of battles.
"Moons, yes. My sister's spent most of our life practicing her spellwork. I have trained. Blades and claws, that's how I spend my time. This one has marched with the First Auridon Marines and sparred with the Vinedusk Rangers."
Have you fought the Colovians before?
"Yes. Not very fond of them, honestly. Lost our parents in a Colovian raid. Was looking forward to slaking my blade on a few of those Divines-obsessed bastards."
Have you ever encountered Dro-m'Athra before?
"Just in books for cubs. Honestly, I thought they were dreamed up so Shazah would have another way to bore me. She and the Moon Priests have gone one about the 'mathra since we got to the monastery."
You grew up in a monastery?
"Partially. The priests let us live with our mother and father for a time. We just hd to do some studying, learning about "our place in Khajiiti culture." We moved to the Monastery when our parents passed away."
Khali: "There! Get those Senche to rest. Khali will handle the crystal."
Khali: "This will only take a moment. Glad I paid attention to the monk's lessons."
Khali: "There, done."
Shazah: "You've done well! Now, we must secure this place."

The First Step[edit]

If you speak to her in the temple, she will say:

"Welcome to our cleansing, my friend. Eh, sorry... Hallowed. We were right about you, I hear.
It is good we'll have someone so strong and trustworthy at our side today."
"Hallowed, you are my strength today. I couldn't do this without you."

The vision:

Khali: "Come out and face me!"
Khali: "What's going on here?"
Namu: "You draw your swords when you're frightened, Khali. Just like when you were a little girl."
Khali: "Mother? Is that you?"
Namu: "Even as a cub, you were filled with such anger. After I died, that anger grew. Now, you laugh and curse in turn."
Khali: "Mother, Namu... we lost you so long ago. And you were gone so much. Why are you here?"
Namu: "I know, Khali. But you and Shazah had each other. A bond that transcends your rage. Now, face your pasy. Face my rage. Pray at the lunar shrines."
Namu: "Know what has come before. That you may face what lies ahead at Moonmont. Channel your passion, Khali. Protect your sister, and our people. Become what you were born to be."
Khali: "Wait! Don't go!"

After praying at each shrine:

Sergeant Foldor: "Captain, you have to pull back! There's too many of them!"
Namu: "Get my daughter out of here, Sergeant! I'll hold them off."
Namu: "Die, Colovian dogs!"
Namu: "Is this all you've got, you bastards? Come at me!"
General Quintillius: "Hah. They sent a house cat to fight their battles. Desperate failure."
Namu: "Khali... Shazah... be safe ...."

After seeing a vision, you can speak to her:

"My mother... I can't believe it. Why?"
What happened?
"My mother was a great warrior, a commander. She led a squad in the campaign to retake Orcrest and Riverhold from the damned Colovians. That was almost twenty years ago."
How are you feeling?
"Why are you even asking? I'm fine. I've known I'd be facing something dark in here since I was a cub. The monks made it very clear. Here, wherever we have to go next... the Two Moons Path. This is not an easy journey."
What do you mean wherever we go next?
"The monks taught us that once we complete this Moons-blasted cleansing, we'll have to face some kind of challenge before we walk the final path. We should see hints as to where we must go before all this is over."
Orcrest and Riverhold?
"Cities in Elsweyr, to the east of Dune. When Shazah and I were young, the Colovians annexed most of the northern part of the province. They thought our people were too weak from the Knahaten flu to fight back."
Knahaten flu?
"A terrible disease. It took many people from the face of Tamriel. Actually how we lost our father... ahem."
Why was your mother leading this squad?
"Mother was very well respected in our militia. She used to train the cubs from a young age in the use of claw and blade. Shazah used to sit and read after training, and we'd all take turns practicing tumbles and leaps. She was such a good teacher."
Are you ready to move on?
"Khali is ready. Why, do you need more time to rest? If I know anything about these spirit journeys, we will most likely face that General as our final test. And I am eager to put my blade in his side."
Lead on, then.

After killing General Quintilius:

"My blade has tasted the blood of my mother's killer. I should feel happy, righteous... but I don't feel anything."
What do you mean?
"The monks taught us that this cleansing would open old wounds, and I expected to feel triumph... victory. Like any day in the field. But here... he was just another threat to put down. I think I understand what my mother was telling me."
What was she trying to tell you?
"Who I fight is not the question I should ask. The question I should ask is: Why do I fight? I fight to protect those I care for. And, perhaps someday, those I lead. Thank you, Hallowed. I could not have done this without you."
You're welcome, Khali. Let's get out of here.
"Your bravery and spirit impresses even Khali. Truly you are the Hallowed. Shazah and I are lucky to have you at our side."

Motes in the Moonlight[edit]

Choosing the Dark Mane:

"Hallowed, Shazah cannot contain this darkness. She does not have the strength. Choose me to take on this burden."
Are you sure about this?
Can we talk about this, Khali?
"Ask me any questions you need to. let's get this whole thing over with."
If you become Mane, what would you do?
"I would lead with a firm hand and a brave heart. Just as mother taught me, all those years ago."
What would your parents think?
"Father was ever speaking about the brilliance of Shazah's spellcasting. Once, she cast a spell and the whole sky lit ablaze. They were so proud of her. I'm sure they'd want her to be Mane. To lead our people."
So you want to take on the Dark Mane's mantle?
Yes, Hallowed. Shazah is brilliant and talented. But I do not think she can physically take the strain of holding this darkness within her. I have the strength and the will to take on this burden."
So Shazah would become the Mane?
"Yes! Shazah is much better suited to lead our people. She has studied so long and so hard. She knows much of the Bright Moons and is much better at dealing with people. She should lead. And I should stay."
[Khali Holds the Dark Mane]Thank you for your sacrifice.
Let me think about this for a moment.

If Khali is to become the Dark Mane:

Shazah: "Sister! Please reconsider!"
Khali: "This is the way it must be. Sister, do not weep for me."

The Den of Lorkhaj[edit]

If Khali was chosen to capture the Dark Mane's energy, she will re-appear here as an enemy:

Shazah: "The Den of Lorkhaj … it's even more beautiful and horrible than I could have imagined. Come, Hallowed."
Javad Tharn: "Ahh, you remember her?"
Khali: "Shazah... I've missed you. You left me alone in the dark."
Shazah: "Khali? Is that you? You're alive? You're safe?"
Khali: "Of course I'm alive. Safe and sound..."
Javad Tharn: "Your sister is safe. Her soul has been purified by darkness. Come, join her. Come join your sister."
Shazah: "Let her go! Show yourself, you bastard! I'll take your face off with my claws."
Javad Tharn: "Oh, you want her free? Here is your sister, free. Your sister, my new Dark Mane!"
Javad Tharn: "It seems I have the wrong sister... weakling child!"
Javad Tharn: "Fine! I'll take care of you myself!"
Javad Tharn: "Dark Mane! Attend me! May the shadows of your dead god imbue you with strength!"

After the Dark Mane has been defeated, Khali will appear as a ghost:

Shazah: "Khali? Are you all right?"
Rid-Thar-Ri'Datta: "Your sorrow is misplaced. Your sister is at peace. Together, you and she have walked the Two Moons Path to its end."
Shazah: "No! I … I had to let you go once already. I'm not ready to lose you again."
Rid-Thar-Ri'Datta: "Her soul is at peace now. She has traveled beyond the Path to Aetherius. The light of the Bright Moons surrounding and guiding her."
Shazah: "How can I trust anything I've seen? The Path has shown me terrors, lies... failure."
Khali: "Khali … don't cry. Tharn can't hurt me now. I'm at peace. Soon I'll be with mother and father."
Shazah: "Please … don't leave me."
Khali: "Goodbye, my sister. You will be the Mane. You will lead the Khajiit with wisdom and strength. Know always that I love you."

"Rid-Thar-Ri'Datta: "Hallowed, Champion, your journey is complete. Return now to Dune, and begin to walk the next path in your lives."


  • While Khali is following during certain quests, other players will see a Dominion Soldier or Pilgrim instead.
  • If fought during The Den of Lorkhaj, she has a Health of 133844 (Prior to Update 12, she had 40918)
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