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Home Settlement Wittestadr
Location Valeric's Manor
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Jaruk is a Khajiit vampire found in the town of Wittestadr. You can find him in Valeric's Manor.

Related Quests[edit]


Before or during the quest:

"An outsider? Jaruk has not seen one in many years. Outsiders tend to fear us. Come, pull up a chair. It's not like we're going anywhere."
"I hope Valeric didn't convince you to join our cause. Our battles never end well. True, his father's a bastard, but he's a strong bastard. Valeric can't beat him and those who help us usually die.
But enough depressing talk! How can Jaruk help you?"
He's tried this before?
"Ah, yes! Many times. Each time, things have gone horribly wrong.
It usually ends up very messy. Lots of blood. But don't worry about it. Everything will be different this time."
Valeric mentioned you have a plan to save the hunters.
"Yes, yes, Jaruk always has a plan.
The bloodfiends hunt by scent. They have the hunters' scent and await the command to strike. If we mask the scent, the bloodfiends will lose interest and wander off. The hunters will be saved!"
What do I need to do?
"Take this liquid. It is a gift from Jaruk's close friends, Cello and Harp. Don't ask what it is. You don't want to know.
Splash it on the hunters. Make them smell like something the bloodfiends won't want to eat."
The hunters won't mind getting splashed with this?
"Oh, they'll hate it. They'll probably try to kill you!
It's best if you rough them up a bit first. Show them who's stronger. Then splash it in their faces. As long as they end up very smelly, the hunters should be safe."

After the quest:

"With Majorn destroyed, perhaps we will finally have some peace. Valeric believes we need to leave this place and find a better home for our kind. Jaruk hopes that such a place really exists."


  • Judging by the dialogue from the hunters when you splash them, the liquid Jaruk gives you to save the hunters with is cat urine.
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