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Home Settlement Silsailen
Location Vulkhel Guard
House Valano Manor
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Elenwen is an Altmer innkeeper from the town of Silsailen and the daughter of Canonreeve Valano. After the town was attacked, many people will direct you to her to help rescue the surviving residents.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Silsailen Rescue[edit]

She can initially be found on the outskirts of the of town, talking with her father. If you start the quest from her you will overhear her say, "Father, we have to get you to safety."

Elenwen can then be spoken with, though her greeting will differ depending on whether you were sent to her by someone else or not. If the former:

"The Veiled Heritance is behind this madness, I'm sure of it!"

If the latter:

"We need to get this madness under control."
"Can't you smell the smoke? Silsailen is under attack! I barely got my father out alive! The Canonreeve, almost slain!
These brutes may wear the uniforms of the First Auridon Marines, but they're imposters."
Who are they?
"They're agents of The Veiled Heritance, I'm sure of it! Teldur, my father's assistant, is trying to organize a defense.
You look capable. Will you help Silsailen?"
I'll find Teldur at once.
"We'll be waiting in the barn down the road. Good luck in there."
I'd like a bit more information.
"There's not much time. What do you need to know?"
Who are you?
"Elenwen. I run an inn here in town, but if you don't hurry up, they'll have it burned to the ground!"
Who is Canonreeve Valano?
"My father, and the man standing beside me! Silly fool."
Where can I find Teldur?
"He's in the town square, just over the bridge. You must hurry! He's hopelessly outnumbered!"
What else can you tell me about the attack?
"We were expecting an attachment from the First Auridon Marines to prepare for the Queen's visit. Then this lot arrived and started killing and burning.
We were readying for a celebration, not a slaughter."
You're sure they're imposters?
"Why would the Queen send men to attack her loyal subjects? It makes no sense. But it would be just the sort of ruse the Veiled Heritance would use to undermine her authority."
Who are the Veiled Heritance?
"A group of Altmer isolationists who hate outsiders. They think the Queen has been corrupted by our alliance with the Bosmer and Khajiit and seek to overthrow her."

After you have found Teldur and rescued some villagers, you can head to the barn on the outskirts of the town where Elenwen can be found tending to Cirtaarie's injuries.

"The fires are under control, thanks to you."
I saved as many villagers as I could.
"We'll be a long time in rebuilding, but your bravery won't be forgotten."

You will then receive some gold for your work. If you speak to her afterwards, she will point out a new arrival:

"I knew something was up with these guards. An actual member of the First Auridon Marines has shown up. He wanted to speak with you."

Teldur's End[edit]

Once you have helped both the villagers and the captured marines, an upset Elenwen will be waiting for you outside the cellar.

"Thank the Eight I found you! Teldur has betrayed us!"
Betrayed you? What happened?
"Teldur asked Canonreeve Valano for a word outside. When they didn't return, I went to look for them. I caught a glimpse of them heading towards the manor. Teldur was holding a knife to my father's side!"
The manor?
"Our home, the Canonreeve's residence. Teldur's quarters are there, as well. Please, you must go there, quickly! I fear for my father's life!"
I'll find them.
"Teldur must answer for his crimes."
I have a few questions.
"Go ahead."
Why would Teldur conspire to destroy his own town?
"Perhaps the Veiled Heritance offered him wealth or power. They may have even offered to make him Canonreeve of a larger city. Who can say?"
How can I get into the manor?
"The front door is heavily guarded and almost certainly locked, but one of the guards should have a key.
I've also heard there's an underground entrance. An old smuggling tunnel that leads to the beach. That might be your best bet."

After finding your way into the manor and dealing with the traitor, she will be waiting for you downstairs where you will be forced to tell her the sad news.

"Your valiant rescue of the First Auridon Marines was well-timed. They've driven off the last of the imposters.
What news of the traitor, Teldur? Was Canonreeve Valano injured?"
Teldur is dead, but he was no traitor. It was Canonreeve Valano all along.
"My father was a traitor to the crown? Orchestrated an assault on his own people?
Why? Why would you do this, father?"

This completes the quest and you receive Traitor's Flame as a reward.

Talking to her afterwards, she can only say, "Father. Why?"