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Rescue and rearm the real Auridon Marines.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Silsailen — Help repel the attackers invading the town of Silsailen.
Quest Giver: Hanilan or a Folded Note on Dead Heritance Cutthroat
Location(s): Silsailen
Next Quest: Teldur's End
Concurrent Quest: Silsailen Rescue
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 388 (Old)
1454 (New)
Captured marines
While in Silsailen, I learned that the imposters have taken real Auridon Marines captive.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Hanilan or read the Folded Note to receive the quest.
  2. Find the captive marines in town, and speak to Captain Tendil
  3. Retrieve their supplies, armor, and weapons.
  4. Return to Captain Tendil.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak with Hanilan

After reporting to Elenwen that the villagers are safe, she will tell you to talk to Hanilan. He will suggest you find a cellar in the town, where the real First Auridon Marines may have been confined.

"Hanilan, of the First Auridon Marines, at your service."
Who do you think is responsible for this attack?
"Thrice-damned lowlifes are no marines, I can tell you that much. In fact, Commander Tendil's detachment should have been here a long time ago. I think they were ambushed."
Any idea where they might have taken them?
"One of the villagers you rescued said he saw bound men being herded into the cellar of a house north of the village square. I can't leave my post, but perhaps you could investigate?"
I'm on my way.

Alternatively, during Silsailen Rescue, you can find a Folded Note on the body of a dead Heritance Cutthroat. Read this note in your inventory.

"We've intercepted the marines. Their extra gear has been stashed for future use. As ordered, none were slain in the ambush. They're bound in the cellar beneath the meeting point.
For the Veil!"
<Put down the note.>

The entrance to the cellar is found behind a house in the north of Silsailen. You'll find out that Captain Tendil and his men are indeed tied up in the cellar. They were caught in a trap of the Veiled Heritance, and all their gear was removed. Speak with Captain Tendil, who is tied up in the center.

"Thank The Eight! Quickly! Untie us!"
Who are you?
"Captain Tendil of the First Auridon Marines. We were sent here at the behest of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Ayrenn.
We walked into a trap. Agents of the Veiled Heritance stripped us of our uniforms and gear and left us here to burn.
The imposters are burning the town. Where are your weapons?
"We have a stash at the farm near the edge of town. Return them to us.
I'll personally see that every last imposter dies, screaming for mercy!
You've got a deal.
Captain Tendil: "Thank you. I'll untie the rest. You get that gear for us."
Location of one of the supply caches

Find each of the three crates scattered around the western edge of town. Two are located inside houses, and the last is located outside a fence. Once you have retrieved the Marines' Supplies, Marines' Armor, and Marines' Weapons, return to Captain Tendil in the cellar to complete the quest..

"Any luck?"
I have your gear.
"We'll gear up and patch our wounds. In the meantime, find out who's behind this conspiracy.
I'll send one of my best men along with you, to help loosen some tongues. Stars guide your steps.

Exit the cellar and speak to Elenwen just outside to begin Teldur's End.

Quest Stages[edit]

Real Marines
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The Marines are being held in a cellar nearby. I should seek them out.
Objective: Enter the Cellar
I found the cellar where the Royal Marines are being held. I should speak to their leader.
Objective: Speak to Captain Tendil
I need to recover gear for Captain Tendil and his men.
Objective: Recover Supplies
Objective: Recover Armor
Objective: Recover Weapons
☑Finishes quest I should speak to Tendil once more and see what he has planned.
Objective: Speak to Captain Tendil