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Draven Leonciele
Home Settlement Kerbol's Hollow
Race Breton Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Condition Werewolf
Draven Leonciele

Draven Leonciele is a Breton found in the town of Kerbol's Hollow and the husband of Renoit Leonciele. He recently came to the village after learning about its' apparent abilities to cure diseases.

Related Quests[edit]


Freedom's Chains[edit]

After agreeing to find Draven for Renoit, he can be found in one of the village's buildings. Draven will be having meal when you speak with him.

"Forgive me for not getting up. It's been a long day, and I'm ravenous.
Is there something you need? Are you new too?"
Renoit sent me to make sure you were all right.
"He's such a silly one! Of course I am, now that Kerbol's agreed to cure me!
He can come to the village now the first week's over. Is he still suspicious of these fine folks in the village, I wonder?"
What exactly is Kerbol curing?
"Ah, I'm afraid I can't talk about it. The village prides itself on privacy.
I apologize if Renoit inconvenienced you in your travels, but as you can see, everything's fine."

After speaking with Draven, Renoit will run in and Draven will assure him.

Draven Leonciele: "Come and sit, dear. Everything will be all right."

Once you have spoken with Renoit, who is still suspicious of the village, Draven will say, "It seems Renoit is a bit … upset. Please, pay him no mind. He doesn't know what he's saying."

The Ritual[edit]

While you were investigating the town, Draven will have been taken by Arienne Kerbol to the Ritual Site to complete his initiation. Renoit will ask you to follow them to make sure Draven is not hurt. As you approach the site, you can overhear Arienne speaking with Draven.

Arienne Kerbol: "There's no turning back now, Draven. You are a part of this village now."
Arienne Kerbol: "Don't be alarmed. Soon the pain will subside."
<The ritual starts, blue-green light covers Draven has he begins to float.>
Draven Leonciele: "No … stop! You're in my head!"
<Arienne then notices you.>
Arienne Kerbol: "Don't interrupt the ritual!"
<Draven turns into a werewolf and runs off.>
Arienne Kerbol: "No! I've lost control!"
Arienne Kerbol: "Draven! Come back!"
Draven in his werewolf form

After speaking with Arienne, you will have to subdue Draven in his werewolf form so he can be brought back to the village. He will be placed in the Town Hall but he will barely remember changing form and running away during the ritual. However, he will remember what it felt like when Arienne Kerbol was binding him.

"Where am I? It was like I fell asleep, but then there was this terrible pain ….
I remember you. You're the one who helped my husband. Oh, Renoit! Are you all right? Did I hurt you?"
Kerbol might still be able to finish your initiation.
"I see the truth. Power calls me. No one can stop me. Kill! Eat! There is no fear, only hunger.
No! I'm not a beast! I can control myself …. Renoit! Renoit, don't leave me!"
Let Kerbol finish the ritual.
"No! Don't let her! I don't want this anymore. I've seen what she does to the people in this village. She takes their minds. Puts them under her control!
Being a werewolf is a curse, but I can't give up who I am!"
So you'd rather stay a werewolf?
"I'll have to learn to control myself. But it's not impossible! I've had lycanthropy for a while now, and I know the signs. It'll be much easier now that Renoit knows the truth."
How do you know this?
"I felt it. She was in my head during the ritual, cutting away something inside, something important. I couldn't move!
To think she did that to all those people! That's no cure!"
(After asking this question, you will be given a choice.)
I'll find a way to help you, Draven.
"Thank you. Poor Renoit. I'm so sorry, my love. You can leave me if it's too much to bear.
Just don't trust Kerbol, no matter what she says!"
I can't just let a werewolf go free.


After conferring with Renoit, talking with Draven will just have him mumble, "Did I get hurt? I smell blood …."

Save the Village[edit]

If you decided to put the needs of the village first, you will need to lure Draven to the Shrine and then kill him to break the connection. When you face him, he will be in his werewolf form.

Break the Spell[edit]

Draven and Renoit

However if you decided to help Draven, you will need to find the Spell Focus and destroy it. Once you do, you will need to save Draven from Kerbol herself who threatens to trap him in his werewolf form. While you fend off Kerbol, Renoit will lead Draven away. Once Kerbol is dead, you can find Draven and Renoit below the shrine and Draven is calmly sitting with his husband—apparently remembering both him and you.

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