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Veloth's Judgement

Veloth's Judgement (also called the Judgment of Saint Veloth) is the magical Daedric warhammer Saint Veloth wielded during his exodus from Summerset.[1] This symbol of power stood for everything Veloth embodied. Veloth's Judgment was said to have rang with authority throughout the land. Its enchantments could cleanse corruption from the souls of those it struck down.[2]

Veloth's precision with the hammer was such that he could remove the corruption from a soul and leaving the remainder alive and healthy. The warhammer stored the corruption for a time, turning it into energy that could be used by the wielder to enhance the power of the weapon. Veloth saw fit to set aside this weapon when he vowed to turn his attention from war to the task of building a new home for the Chimer in Resdayn.[1]

After Veloth's ascension to sainthood, it was rumored to have gained legendary powers, to the point where it can siphon a living creature's entire soul.[2] This rumor turned out to be true when the hammer was stolen from Mournhold Temple in the Second Era by Magistrix Vox. After the town of Selfora refused to ally with her, she used the hammer to create a dimensional tear, releasing hostile spirits into the settlement.[3][4]. Vox was eventually defeated and the hammer was returned to Mournhold Temple.[5]

During the Three Banners War, Veloth's Judgement was brought to Skuldafn after the defeat of Fildgor Orcthane. There the Dumner representative General Yeveth Noramil presented Veloth's Judgement before the Pact leaders at the Great Moot, and the Ebonheart Pact was sealed.[6]

In the late Third Era it was in possession of a priest in Molag Mar. It was given to the Nerevarine after he killed the leader of the Berne Clan, Raxle Berne, and would later be sold to the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold.[7]

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