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House Mora was a minor political House of Dark Elves from the province of Morrowind. They are known to have human ancestry in their blood.[1] House Mora is known to include the Ra'athim Clan, a noble family from the city-state of Ebonheart that served the High Kingship throughout Morrowind's history.


House Mora was independently active as far as the First Era. A rose-worn prince of House Mora was a hero in the early First Era, when the First Empire of the Nords had invaded the province of Morrowind. According to Tribunal mythology, the Warrior-Poet, Vivec had visited an ancestor alcove of House Mora, to find the second monster, the Treasure Wood Sword, one of the monsters to escape his spear, Muatra. But when House Mora made a deal with Mephala and the Morag Tong, Vivec would later acquire it by enacting Mephala's will. Vivec would leave House Mora's alcove with the Treasure Wood Sword.[2] Throughout history, the Ra'athim Clan, and even the Nightingale's of Ebonheart were a part of House Mora.[1] At one point in time, House Mora would be absorbed into the Great House Hlaalu, to which it remained since.[1][UOL 1]


  • The word, Mora, in most variations of the elven language, including Dunmeris, translates into either Forest or Wood.[3]
  • In a forum post, developer Douglas Goodall once gave Nerevar's full and formal name as "Serjo Indoril Nerevar Mora", indicating a possible association with House Mora.[UOL 2]


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