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NPC (Non-Player Character) is a generic term for all humanoids (of various races), other than the Player Character, that are encountered while playing the game. Classes are still used by NPCs, despite being unable to be picked by the Player Character.

Named NPCs[edit]

There are many named NPCs added by the Dragonborn expansion. These people are all listed on the People page. All quest givers, trainers, and merchants in the game, as well most of the people in cities and towns are named characters.

Some named characters are deemed to be essential ("unkillable"). If these characters are attacked, they will fall to their knees and surrender when they near zero Health. After a few minutes, they will rise up with full health, and will reengage the player or enemy NPCs until the latter parties are dead or out of the area. Protected characters, on the other hand, can be attacked and killed by the player but not by NPCs (however, a bug means that poisons can kill even Protected characters). Most NPCs can be killed, but there may be consequences later.

Special categories include:

Generic NPCs[edit]

There are also many generic NPCs in the game, most of which are randomly generated. If one dies for whatever reason, the game will eventually generate a new random replacement.

Friendly NPCs include:

Enemy NPCs include:


  • If you complete one or more of an NPC's quests, they will often greet you by saying "You've been a good friend to me. That means something." or another similar phrase indicating their affection. This conveys certain benefits, such as making some NPCs available to become a follower or even a spouse.
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