Skyrim:Redguard Woman

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Redguard Woman
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level 1 Class Farmer
RefID N/A BaseID 000B85AB
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Primary Skills One-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Respawns Yes
A Redguard Woman
"I don't know who you think I am, and I don't care. Leave me alone!"

A Redguard Woman may be encountered on the roads being questioned by two Alik'r Warriors. She is a Redguard farmer and can only be encountered once the Alik'r Warriors show up in Whiterun as part of the quest In My Time Of Need. When the quest is completed, it is no longer possible to meet the woman.

She wears a randomly determined set of farm clothes (8 variations), boots (4 variations), and has a 50% chance of wearing a hat (3 variations). She only carries a small amount of gold.

If you eavesdrop on the conversation, it becomes apparent the Alik'r means business:

Alik'r #1: "Listen, wench, we're on to you. We know who you are, so you'd better come with us right now!"
Woman: "I don't know who you think I am, and I don't care. Leave me alone!"
Alik'r #1: "I don't have time for this foolishness. Now come along quietly and we won't have to get rough."
Alik'r #2: "Brother, I think she's telling the truth..."
Woman: "I'm not going anywhere. Now back off before I do something drastic."
Alik'r #2: "She doesn't have the scar."
Alik'r #1: "What? Oh... you're right."
Alik'r #2: "We've made a mistake. Now move along before that mouth of yours gets you into trouble."
Woman: "Next time you're looking to pester someone, make sure it's the right person!"

After the conversation, it is possible to approach the annoyed woman and she will not hesitate to provide her honest opinion on the Alik'r: "Foreigners. What a nuisance!" If you ask her what the negotiation was about she will respond: "They thought I was some other Redguard woman! They just wouldn't leave me alone. I hope they get lost in the wilderness."