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Welcome to my user page! Read it for amusement or post a comment/question on my talk page.

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Hi, my name's Tom and I live in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. I'm a fan of Oblivion and it's expansions, but I've also played Morrowind a little and enjoyed that too.


During my time on the wiki I have written the odd page and now I'm doing some patrolling.

My current projects[edit]

  • Cleaning up- Just surfing around random pages and fixing any mistakes I spot.
  • Patrolling- Checking any unpatrolled edits to see if they fulfill the wiki's standards.

My Oblivion Favourites[edit]

  • Fave Race: Altmer. In my opinion they are the most powerful race in the game. They get stacks of magicka and their weaknesses can easily be covered up.
  • Fave Birthsign: The Atronach. It gives you a beefy magicka bonus plus it lets you absorb 50% of all magic attacks cast on you. The Stunted Magicka drawback can be covered by plenty of restore magicka potions too!
  • Fave Side Quest: Oblivion:The Killing Field. A fun 'last stand' type mission. It gets even more hectic when the gigantic Goblin Ambushers come out to play!
  • Fave Magic Skill: It's gotta be Illusion just for the diversity.
  • Fave Town: Chorrol. It's a nice, cozy little place with an impressive tree within it.

Quick link to my Sandbox[edit]