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Race Orc Gender male
Level 34 Class (?)
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health 350
Magicka 100 (I'm good at magic tricks:P)
Essential Never
Faction(s) Oblivion Players; Perfectionists
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Oblivion PS3 Characters[edit]

Shadow (My First And Main Game)

He is a highly Intelligent Saintly renown male Altmer, Mage and he hates all weapons except one enchanted dagger he made (The Dagger of TrueMage), he relys souly on his great skills in magic, Enchanting and Alchemy to guide him through his strange and mysterious life.

He had an unfortunate run-in with a Vampire and became infected, luckily he had suspictions of his disease and cured himself before the disease could take full effect. Even though he is at full health this incident has left him nervous around enemies now because he hates diseases. But he is determined so he would not let that stop him, he may be afraid but he recently discovered the power of Illusion magic, the power to become invisible and sneak around un-necessary enemies.

He had done some bad things in the past but he has earned 100 personality and completed the pilgrimage and is forgiven of his sins. He is a saintly hero who spends most of his time honing his skills in Arborwatch.

Skills at 100: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Light Armor, Restoration

Game Days 613 Hours Played 89

The Black Shadow

Shadows evil twin is the complete opposite of him, he worships Sithis and he is a Dark Elf Assassin/Thief/Vampire. He completed the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and during his time in the Brotherhood he choose to accept the dark gift offered to him by Vicente Valtieri and he has been a hunter of the night ever since. Astonishingly he has commited 10061 assaults and has stolen 6000 items in just 100 days!

He might be evil but he is cunning, guards hate him because his infamy proves he's a criminal but they have no proof to place a bounty on him. He has only been caught and jailed only once and even then he broke out and payed his doylen's fine. He always searches the surrounding area for witnesses so he can't be caught out with the "hue and cry" technique. He was even cunning enough to hone his skills to level himself to 30 before doing ANY quests so he could reap amazing brotherhood rewards, and now he holds the legendary top version of the Blade of Woe! along with the top version of the Dagger of Discipline from the Wrath of Sithis because he couldn't help himself murdering even after his primary mission was completed (but he would never kill when a bonus was at stake).

He is a master of Light Armor, Illusion, Blade, Marksman, Speechcraft, Sneak, Security, Athletics, Acrobatics and Mercantile, he is an inspirational legend to fear indeed! He might be evil but he always helps a fellow villain in need. He unlocks there cells, silently murders the Jailor and guide his escaped convict friend to safety.

His goals are to find the fabled Boots of the Olympian, Ring of Thieves and also muster up enough ill-gotten fame to earn the Ring of the Gray. He normally wanders the streets at midnight as an Elder Vampire donning the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal with his hidden murderer prowling the surrounding area for threats.

Skills at 100: Acrobatics, Athletics, Blade, Illusion, Light Armor, Marksman, Mercantile Security, Sneak, Speechcraft

Game Days 130 Hours Played 62 (thats alot of power-training)


OGG is a male Berserker (which is really just a very angry unstoppable Barabarian) Org, which is a different specise of Orc which is different because the skin colour of males is always dark green and for females it's always dark purple, also his species is different because it is twice as powerful as regular orcs, three times as aggresive four times slower (physically and mentally) and are all strict carnivores because they have mouths full of razor sharp canine teeth and powerful urges of bloodlust, luckily though OGG has a contract to hunt in royal forests to satisfy this lust so he is not considered a threat, OGG is all bron and no brain, he has the power to break a boulder in half and has the anger to match, he is hot-headed, boastful and also an ego maniac but he is very loyal and will react without thinking to defend his family and friends. He is honored to fight along side Mazoga the Orc as his permenant follower.

He is a firm believer in Malacath purely for the reason that he got a nice, new, powerful, shiny hammer from him and it has become his weapon of choice ever since. He is the Grand Champion of the Arena, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood is the Master of the Fighters Guild but he managed to do those challanges without breaking a sweat.

He prefers the head-on approach of fighting and prefers to fight other Orcs as he believes they are a better challange. He says his best victories where against Agronak gro-Malog aka The Gray Prince, Kurdan gro-Dragol and Gogron gro-Bolmog, he says every other opponent crumbled beneath his feet at his mighty power. He is currently searching for a worthy opponent to do battle with as he wishes to have a warriors death before his time runs out. His specics of Orc often die at age 120, OGG is 115.

Skills at 100: Armorer, Blade, Block, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Heavy Armour

Game Days 217 Hours Played 27


He is a saintly male Argonian Poet who stutters his words but is not to be taken lightly he can switch from a beautiful Poet to Rabid Beast in seconds, He has a passion for reading. He is also becoming a Master Wizard trained by none other than the master himself Tooth-in-the-Sea.

He has a great passion for meeting other Argonians and has an act of occasionaly saving there lives such as how he met both of his best friends Jeelius and Scar-Tail. He has an almost complete library of books that he made in his home in Rosethorn Hall except for a a few very rare books, his collection includes The Wolf Queen, v 3, the Oghma Infinium and the Tome Of Unlife, he was recently searching for a book known as the Bible of the Deep Ones, which caused him to stumble across a chance to save yet another Argonian, known as Dar-Ma who was so greatful that she let him keep her diary as a special edition to his library and Fire-Of-Mind has grown very fond of her and sees her reguarly.

He was abbandoned as a Hatchling and was raised by Orcs thus making him very powerful with Warhammers but surprising agile whilst holding them. He became a powerful Beserker in his childhood but then he shuned this life as he wanted something a Berserker could never have... knowledge, so he decided to enroll in the Arcane University......

Skills at 100: Alteration, Athletics, Blunt, Speechcraft

Game Days 162 Hours played 30


Ashbeard is a Young Rebellious Imperial Pirate (who has a beard so he's banned from the Shivering Isles) who has multiple hideouts, (every pirate ship on the game (I was amazed to see how many there actually where)) He aquired Redwave from an early age to enhance his pirating skills tenfold and since has had many run ins with the law.

Ashbeard was a fierce pirate who's determanation was unmatched. Even when a mysterious figure snuck aboard his ship one night and slew all his loyal crew Ashbeard still revealed himself to the intruder and fought, he was outmatched in all forms of combat but still carryed on. Even when his left arm was amputated he carryed on, after a few minuets of constant fighting he was winded and kneeling down on the floor still trying to stand he was given a choice, beg for mercy or die, he refused to beg and was beaten viscously to death, with his last breath he whispered Mathieu....?

Skills at 100: Athletics (from loads of swimming), Blade, Block, Light Armor,

Game Days 47 Hours Played 74(most auto-swimming)

R.I.P all of the above, ;( ive moved on to xbox 360 and left all these characters behind

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