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Checklist For Interesting Misc. Items[edit]


Items must:

  • Be one of a kind (one or few in the game)
  • Be non-equipable (books, ingredients, potions etc.)
  • Not be keys
  • Not part of Main Quest (unless clutter)


Item ID Weight Value Found
Capn's Guide to the Fishy Stick Capn's Guide to the Fishy Stick misc_dwarfbone_unique 2.0 1 Southeast of Dagon Fel
Fall of the Snow Prince Fall of the Snow PrinceBM bk_snowprince 3.0 300 Solstheim, Jolgeirr Barrow
Journal of Fryssa Journal of FryssaBM bk_fryssajournal 4.0 50 Fryssa's corpse in Benkongerike
Journal of Tarhiel Journal of Tarhiel bk_falljournal_unique 4.0 50 Tarhiel's corpse north of Seyda Neen
Noh's Picture Book of Wood Noh's Picture Book of Wood bk_BriefHistoryofWood 4.0 10 Vos, Falvillos Endeavor and An Abandoned Shack
Rogue Necromancer's Journal Rogue Necromancer's JournalBM bk_necrojournal 4.0 50 Skygge, on Rogue Necromancer
Saryoni's Sermons Manuscript Saryoni's Sermons Manuscript bk_saryonisermonsmanuscript 4.0 50,000 Sendas, Llirala's Shack


Item ID Weight Value Found
A Large Dewmer Cup A Large Dewmer Cup [sic] misc_dwrv_goblet10_tgcp 3.0 30 Vivec, Justice Office's
Bittercup Bittercup artifact_bittercup_01 10.0 100,000 Ald Redaynia
MW-icon-misc-Metal Goblet 02.png House Dagoth cup misc_goblet_dagoth 1.0 500 Kogoruhn
MW-icon-misc-Goblet 01.png Redas Goblet misc_de_goblet_01_redas 1.0 300 Redas Tomb


Item ID Weight Value Found
Human Flesh Human Flesh ingred_human_meat_01 1.0 1 Palansour
Meteor Slime Meteor Slime ingred_scrib_jelly_02 0.1 10 Charles the Plant, Foreign Quarter
Muffin Muffin ingred_bread_01_UNI3 0.2 1 Gro-Bagrat Plantation on Gakkenfeld
Pinetear PinetearBM ingred_emerald_pinetear 0.2 50 Sigvatr the Strong
Poison Poison poison_goop00 0.1 0 Mudan and Palansour
Roland's Tear Roland's Tear ingred_gold_kanet_unique 0.1 5 Outside Ald Sotha
Wolfsbane Petals Wolfsbane PetalsBM ingred_wolfsbane_01 0.1 5 Hvitkald Peak and Lassnr's House


Item ID Weight Value Found
Pilgrim's Lantern Pilgrim's Lantern light_com_lantern_02_INF 1.0 100 Ebonheart and island west of Khuul
The Watchman's Eye The Watchman's EyeBM light_com_lantern_bm_unique 5.0 500 North of Skaal Village


Item ID Weight Value Found
A dying man's last words A dying man's last words sc_Indie 0.2 0 Omalen Ancestral Tomb
A scrawled note A scrawled note sc_Vulpriss 0.2 0 Gimothran Ancestral Tomb
A worn and weathered note A worn and weathered note bk_note 1.0 1 An Abandoned Shack
Peke Utchoo's Last Words Peke Utchoo's Last Words note_Peke_Utchoo 0.2 0 Mudan, Peke Utchoo


Item ID Weight Value Found
Ashes of D. Bryant Ashes of D. Bryant devote_Nan_Dust_00 1.0 0 Falas Ancestral Tomb
Ashes of G. Lyngas Ashes of G. Lyngas devote_Lyngas_Dust_00 1.0 0 Ravel Ancestral Tomb
Ashes of Lord Brinne Ashes of Lord Brinne devote_Brinne_Dust_00 1.0 0 Samarys Ancestral Tomb
MW-icon-misc-Silverware Bowl.png Beluelle's Silver bowl misc_Beluelle_silver_bowl 5.0 40 Ulummusa
Bone from Pop Je Bone from Pop Je devote_bone_Pop00 1.0 1 Senim Ancestral Tomb
Dwarven Bone Dwarven Bone misc_dwarfbone_unique 1.0 1 Redoran Waistworks Trader
Dwemer Coin Dwemer Coin misc_dwrv_cursed_coin00 0.05 125 Ald Sotha
Expensive Shirt Expensive Shirt [sic]* ? 2.0 15 Governor's Hall, Helvi's closet
Fat Lute Fat Lute misc_de_lute_01_phat 10.0 0 Hassour and Adanumuran
Golden Egg Golden Egg misc_uniq_egg_of_gold 30.0 150 The Pudai Eggmine
Key to Lower Arkngthand Key to Lower Arkngthand** misc_dwrv_ark_key00 0.0 0 Balmora, Fighters Guild given by Hasphat Antabolis
MW-icon-misc-Ash Statue.png Morvayn Ash Statue misc_6th_ash_hrmm 4.0 10 Morvayn Manor
Old Man's Lucky Coin Old Man's Lucky Coin lucky_coin 0.0 0 Ghostgate, given by Wulf
Sirollus Saccus' Hammer Sirollus Saccus' Hammer irepair_secretmaster_01 1.0 200 Ebonheart from Sirollus Saccus
MW-icon-misc-Ash Statue.png Suspicious Ash Statue misc_6th_ash_hrcs 4.0 10 Sarethi Manor, Ald'ruhn
The Head of Scourge The Head of Scourge misc_argonianhead_01 3.0 100 Telvanni Canton, The Lizard's Head


Item ID Weight Value Found
Blood of the Quarra Masters Blood of the Quarra Masters p_quarrablood_UNIQUE 0.5 5,000 Druscashti
Potion of Heroism Potion of Heroism p_heroism_s 0.5 1,456 Mudan and Temple quest reward
Pyroil Tar Pyroil TarTR pyroil_tar_unique 1.0 100 Norenen-dur, The Wailingdelve and on Khash-Ti Dhru
Trebonius' Potion of Curing Trebonius' Potion of Curing p_cure_common_unique 1.0 100 Vivec, Mages Guild, on Trebonius Artorius


Item ID Weight Value Found
A scroll written in blood A scroll written in blood sc_Malaki 0.2 112 Hlervu Ancestral Tomb
Scroll of Icarian Flight Scroll of Icarian Flight sc_icarianflight 0.2 119 Tarhiel's corpse north of Seyda Neen
Scroll of Fiercely Roasting Scroll of Fiercely Roasting sc_FiercelyRoastThyEnemy_unique 0.2 73 Ashalmimilkala beside Urjorad's corpse

* This item is an exception to the second criteria rule. It is misspelled, thus unique.
** This item is an exception to the last criteria rule, as it is the largest key.