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01:09, 27 May 2014 (GMT): I'm back playing Skyrim once again. I am not in ESO, so please don't ask.

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Transparent.gif This page is where I reveal much about my gameplay style, and where you get to learn more about me as a person, from the way I play TES games. The first thing I should reveal is that I play all games on the easiest difficulty settings. Being an older guy now, my eyesight is going, my reflexes aren't as sharp as they once were, so I need things to be as easy as possible. I play the games to relax, so I don't want my characters to die every 10 minutes.



Daric is currently a Level 78 aging male Breton. The only skills he is yet to train up to 100% are Pickpocketing, Speech, and Restoration. As a gifted Alchemist, he relied heavily on healing potions in his early life, so his Restoration skills were never as well developed. He has not yet completed the Thieves Guild nor the Dark Brotherhood main quest lines. He has, however, been confirmed as Dragonborn by the Greybeards and has defeated Alduin in Sovngarde. He has also joined the Dawnguard as a vampire hunter, and defeated Lord Harkon. He has journeyed to the island of Solstheim, and has defeated Miraak, the first Dragonborn. He is also the Archmage of the College of Winterhold, a position he has held for a couple of years now, since the death of Savos Aren.


Borgakh the Steel Heart
The accomplishments Daric has wrought in Skyrim in his lifetime, mostly single-handedly, have brought him great fame and fortune. Women throw themselves at him, despite his advancing age and receding hairline. He now regularly journeys in the company of two talented female fighters, Serana the vampire, and Borgakh the Orc. Other than keeping him company at night, they also serve faithfully as his shield maidens. Out of the bounty of his wealth, Daric has equipped each of them with the very best enchanted armour and weapons, allowing them to easily vanquish any and all usurpers in his name, while Daric continues his work unhindered, himself wearing only the robes of office as befitting a venerable Archmage.

Other than the adoration his achievements have earned him from womenfolk throughout Skyrim and beyond, Daric's feats have provided great wealth and prosperity. He owns many homes, including Proudspire Manor, Vlindrel Hall, and Breezehome. He is also a Master Architect, having constructed three houses, Heljarchen Hall, Lakeview Manor, and Winstad Manor, which he spends a lot of his time traveling between. Since their construction, these three contain the bulk of Daric's property.

  • Winstad Manor — In this home east of Solitude, Daric practices his primary vocation as a Gaersmith, one who crafts, enchants, and sells his own range of weapons and armour from the raw materials. The house features a fully functional blacksmith's forge and smelter in the basement, the only of the three Hearthfire homes he has built that has anything but storage in the cellar. The East Wing contains an Armory, the North Wing is a Trophy Room, and in the West Wing an Enchanter's Tower.
  • Lakeview Manor — This property on the shores of Lake Ilinalta is devoted to Daric's secondary vocation, as a highly skilled Alchemist. The satchels in the Alchemy Laboratory in the North Wing of this building are crammed full of all manor of alchemical reagents, and the barrels are filled with rare ingredients from his travels to exotic locales like Solstheim, the Forgotten Vale, the Ancestor Glade, and the Soul Cairn. Some of these plants he has successfully cultivated in the Greenhouse in the West Wing, while the the East Wing holds Daric's expansive (and almost complete) Library.
  • Heljarchen Hall — Daric built this home north of Loreius Farm with family in mind. It is the only of the three Hearthfire homes he has built that has a dining table in the Main Hall. When present in either of the other two homes, Daric and his entourage dine at the table in the smaller area behind the Main Hall. The West Wing of Heljarchen Hall contains the Master Bedroom. The East Wing contains a fully stocked Kitchen, and the North Wing is a well organized Storage Room.

Obsessive Compulsivity
The available storage in every room of the three Hearthfire houses is optimized and organized so that there is a place for everything, and everything in its place. For instance, in the Kitchen in Heljarchen Hall, the salted raw meat is kept separate from the salted uncooked fish, and all cooked foods are either served on the dining table or are carefully stored in the Storage Room. In Lakeview Manor, the many apothecary satchels are used to group reagents for specific recipes. The Smithy in the basement of Winstad Manor, where Daric can often be found, is highly efficient. The four safes on the left as you enter the Smithy, (numbered from left to right), contain:

  1. Ores, Quarried Stone, and Stalhrim.
  2. Ingots
  3. Animal Parts, except skulls / heads.
  4. Housebuilding Items, excluding clay and quarried stone.
  5. Smeltable Dwemer Metal.

The ore boxes under the safes, (numbered left to right), contain numerous examples of:

  1. Corundum Ore
  2. Iron Ore
  3. Quicksilver Ore
  4. Stalhrim
  5. Heart Stone

The latter is of particular interest to Daric. While the Conjuration and Enchanting properties of Heart Stones are well known, as a true Gaersmith, Daric has lately been investigating the potential for smelting them into ingots. Experimentation thus far has been unsuccessful. Similarly, his attempts to smelt Stalhrim have been spectacular failures.


I'm back playing through Skyrim again, but this in-game character has nothing to do with the Gaersmith Legacy storyline. Rylos is a Breton Spellsword, but I haven't really developed a backstory for him yet. I'm trying to get his three crafting skills up to 100% at present (as at 00:58, 27 May 2014 (GMT)). His Smithing and Enchanting skills are both at 100% and his Alchemy is at 85% so far. Once the Alchemy skill is leveled I'll be using the Fortify Restoration exploit to craft some massively overpowered weapons and armor for both him and his followers.

Rylos is currently Level 58 but has only completed 6 quests and 53 misc objectives. Until his upcoming transfiguration, he spends most of his time hunting and exploring the open spaces of Skyrim. He hasn't been to Solstheim or the Soul Cairn yet, but he has joined the Dawnguard faction. He is based at the College of Winterhold, where the small cupboard in his dorm room is filled with alchemaical ingredients, in preparation for his transfiguration. The small cupboard to the right of his bed is filled with non-magical clothing, which will eventually all be enchanted with varying levels of Fortify Smithing and Fortify Alchemy spells.

For armor, Rylos is currently wearing only Elven gear, but this will be changed to Glass armor and weapons as part of the transfiguration. Being that the dragons haven't been released yet, he has no raw material to craft Dragonscale armor or Dragon weapons as yet, so those will come after the transfiguration. If I ever do this again, I might concentrate on heavy armor instead of light armor, and make some nice Daedric gear rather than waiting to kill some dragons. I hate prancing around looking like a Thalmor agent, but I chose light armor from the start and have invested heavily in it thus far. Maybe I'll change that once Rylos has been to the Summit of Apocrypha, or once his Light Armor skill is at 100% and I can make it Legendary.