Shadowkey:Azra Nightwielder

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Azra Nightwielder
Location Fearfrost II
Azra's Crossing
Crypt of Hearts II
Gender Male
Azra Nightwielder

Azra Nightwielder is a shadowmage and the inveterate enemy of those who would seek to misuse the power of such magic.

At the start of the events depicted in Shadowkey, he is locked inside a giant crystal in Fearfrost II. It is unclear whether this is meant to be a prison or a tomb; the Scroll of Shadow would suggest the latter, but his subsequent reappearance casts doubt on that.

His long imprisonment (or death) has caused a memory loss, causing him to forget his identity so that when first encountered he is described as a "Mysterious Mage". Once his memory is restored he provides information vital to the destruction of the newly-created Umbra' Keth, and also promises to appear at your moment of need to help destroy the abomination. [verification needed — Does he actually appear in the Crypt of Hearts? There's dialogue in the scripts but it may not be used.]

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