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One of the cabinets containing Azra's artifacts
A Star Tooth on its pedestal
Pergan Asuul's third incarnation awaits

Crypt of Hearts II is the middle level of the crypt, but the one in which the game essentially ends. It is to here that the Umbra' Keth must be lured and destroyed with the help of the Star Teeth. The area can be accessed from Crypt of Hearts I and Crypt of Hearts III.

Most of the zone is a standard dungeon level, populated by just about every kind of creature in the game. To the southeast are some powerful items but it is in the southwest that the interest lies. The teleporter at (5) on the map leads to a large room with holders for the seven star teeth. Attempting to place the teeth in their holders will result in the message "The pedestals do not respond to your touch. Perhaps you need to lure your prey closer before they can be activated." Unfortunately, there is no way out of this room as the teleporter at (6) only becomes active at the end of the game. If you have come here before encountering the Umbra' Keth, you will have to reload a saved game or cheat to escape.

Once the Umbra' Keth is lured to this room and destroyed, the teleporter allows exit to Azra's Crossing.

The entrance to the lowest level of the crypt is guarded by Pergan Asuul in his third incarnation. He has sealed the stairs with a curse and must be killed before they can be used.

Along the route from Crypt of Hearts III to the Star Chamber are two "Sanctuary Rooms". The door to each is protected with a sigil and no enemy creature may enter, making them a good place to rest and recover strength.

Pergan Asuul

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Map of Crypt of Hearts II
  1. Exit to Crypt of Hearts I
  2. Sanctuary Room
  3. Sanctuary Room
  4. Entrance to Crypt of Hearts III
  5. Telepad to #6
  6. Telepad to Azra's Crossing
  7. Shadow Gate
  8. Display case containing Azra's Mace
  9. Display case containing Azra's Sustenance scroll
  10. Display case containing Azra's Wrath scroll