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Book Information
This is a compilation of books assembled for easier reading.
Scroll of Shadow
A brief history of Shadow Magic

First Scroll of Shadow

... chosen to explore this relation of world to shadow, Azra was the first to realize that shadows were not a mere absence of light but a reflection of possible worlds created by forces in conflict. A light strikes a rock, and the shadow is a record of their clash, past, present and future.

Other conflicting forces produced less obvious shadows, fire and water, wind and rock, or nations at war.

With skill and patience, the shadows of all could be read, and patterns teased out, emphasized or eradicated.

Manipulating a shadow could, through contagion, manipulate the object or force which cast it.

Second Scroll of Shadow

... Azra attempted what had never been done before, manipulating his own shadow to such an extent that he instantiated and melded all possible Azras at the same time, crossing over from this singular existence to all the existences in shadow.

Ignorant Redguard soldiers, fearing the power of Azra should he succeed, trapped and confronted Azra.

The battle did not go well for the wizard.

The hole blasted when he lost control of his magics can still be seen at the village that bears his name, Azra's Crossing.

The science of shadow lost a great man that day, although others, such as Pergan Asuul, strive to take his place.