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Rescue the wayward manservant from another life-threatening situation.
Zone: Coldharbour
Objective: The Manor of Revelry — Save Stibbons from the Manor of Revelry.
Quest Giver: Fatahala
Location(s): The Manor of Revelry
Reward: Stibbons' Dress Shirt
596 Gold
I met a Soul Shriven named Fatahala. She claims that this Manor of Revelry isn't what it appears to be. Furthermore, she wants me to help Stibbons, who she tells me is in mortal danger here.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Fatahala.
  2. Find Stibbons inside the Manor of Revelry.
  3. Go to the banquet.
  4. Go to the pools.
  5. Use the cleansing reagents in the basin.
  6. Talk to Fatahala.
  7. Go to the manor house.
  8. Rescue Stibbons.
  9. Find Lady Laurent's jewels.
  10. Meet Stibbons and Fatahala at the secret tunnel.
  11. Escape the Manor of Revelry.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • Jeremy Sera, Lead Content Designer for ESO, revealed on 10th May 2016 that this quest was originally intended to involve Darien Gautier, instead of Stibbons. It had to be redesigned following a late decision to make Darien disappear during The Final Assault.
  • After completing this quest, you'll find Stibbons back at the Consultants' House in the Hollow City. Lady Laurent does not seem to acknowledge his presence, however.

Quest Stages[edit]

What the Heart Wants
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should enter the Manor of Revelry and find Stibbons.
Objective: Enter the Manor
Now that I'm inside the Manor of Revelry, I should find Stibbons and speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Stibbons
Stibbons asked me to introduce myself to the lovely sisters of the manor and then meet him at the banquet tables.
Optional Step: Talk to Fatahala
Objective: Eat Banquet
Objective: Meet Stibbons at the Banquet
Stibbons wants me to accompany him to the manor's pools.
Objective: Go to the Pools
Stibbons seems to have become very friendly with the sisters of the manor. I should talk to Shayaifa and find out more about these pools.
Objective: Talk to Shayaifa
On my way to use the pool, Fatahala appeared. I should talk to Fatahala.
Objective: Talk to Fatahala
Fatahala said that these cleansing reagents would help me see through the illusions placed over the manor. I need to pour the reagents into the basin at the pools.
Objective: Use the Basin
I used the cleansing reagents and everything has changed. I should talk to Fatahala and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Fatahala
Stibbons went into the manor house. I need to go in there and rescue him.
Objective: Enter the Manor House
I'm inside the manor house. Now I need to find Stibbons.
Objective: Find Stibbons
The sisters locked Stibbons in a cage. I need to find the key so I can free him. He thinks one of the sisters took the key downstairs.
Hidden Objective: Kill Shayaifa
Objective: Collect the Cage Key
I recovered the key to Stibbons' cage. Now I should go and set him free.
Objective: Free Stibbons
Fatahala knows a way out of the manor, but Stibbons won't leave until he retrieves his lady's jewels. I should speak to Stibbons.
Objective: Talk to Stibbons
I promised Stibbons I'd recover Lady Laurent's stolen jewels.
Objective: Collect Lady Laurent's Emerald
Objective: Collect Lady Laurent's Diamond
Hidden Objective: Kill Rayyaima
Hidden Objective: Kill Nuzara
I recovered Lady Laurent's stolen jewels. Now I should make my way to the pools and find Stibbons at the entrance to the secret tunnel.
Objective: Talk to Stibbons
I need to help Stibbons make it through this secret tunnel so we can escape from the Manor of Revelry.
Objective: Reach the Far Side of the Cave
Hidden Objective: Follow Stibbons
Hidden Objective: Clear a Path
We survived the trek through the secret tunnel. Now I should leave the Manor of Revelry and meet Stibbons outside.
Objective: Leave the Manor of Revelry
☑Finishes quest I should talk to Stibbons and make sure he's all right.
Hidden Objective: Talk to Stibbons
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