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Help rescue a contingent of Shornhelm soldiers.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Hinault Farm — Assist the Shornhelm Guard at Hinault Farm.
Quest Giver: Daribert Hurier
Location(s): Hinault Farm
Next Quest: Dearly Departed
Reward: Heloise's Staff of Necropotence
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
A contingent of Shornhelm Guard soldiers was on patrol when it was attacked by House Montclair troops. The Guard survivors have taken refuge in an old tower on Hinault Farm, where they continue to be under siege by Montclair's forces.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Daribert Hurier near Hinault Farm.
  2. Collect some healing supplies.
  3. Find and talk to Lieutenant Fairfax.
  4. Give the healing supplies to Heloise Menoit.
  5. Check on the Hinault family with Heloise.
  6. Collect weapons for the Hinaults.
  7. Return to the farmhouse and speak to Heloise.
  8. Find the remaining members of Hinault family.
  9. Return to the old tower.
  10. Track down Heloise and speak to her.
  11. Decide what to do.
  12. Return to Lieutenant Fairfax and speak to him for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Under Siege
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to gather healing supplies to help the Shornhelm Guard soldiers taking refuge in the old tower. The supplies should be in the carts abandoned along the roads around Hinault Farm.
Objective: Collect Healing Supplies: 0/4
I gathered the healing supplies. Now I should bring them to Lieutenant Fairfax at the old tower.
Objective: Talk to Lieutenant Fairfax
Lieutenant Fairfax has given me permission to enter the tower. Now I should enter the tower and give the healing supplies to Heloise.
Objective: Give Heloise the Healing Supplies
Heloise asked me to accompany her to check on the Hinault family. She wants me to wait for her outside while she finishes tending to the wounded soldiers.
Objective: Meet Heloise Menoit Outside
Heloise is ready to go check on the Hinault family. I should talk to her and let her know we're good to go.
Objective: Talk to Heloise Menoit
Heloise has led me to the Hinault Farmhouse. She wants me to knock on the door and see if the family is inside.
Objective: Knock on the Hinault Farmhouse Door
The Hinault family is barricaded inside their farmhouse. They refuse to open the door until I bring them weapons they can use to defend themselves. Heloise seems to have an idea. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Heloise Menoit
The Hinaults refuse to leave the safety of their farmhouse without any weapons to defend themselves with. Gennove Hinault gave me a list of specific weapons he wants me to gather. Heloise suggested I can find the weapons in the barn.
Objective: Collect a Two-Handed Sword
Objective: Collect Swords: 0/2
Objective: Collect a Bow
Objective: Collect Daggers: 0/2
I collected all the weapons Gennove Hinault asked for. I should return to the farmhouse so I can give them to him.
Objective: Go to the Hinault Farmhouse
I found Heloise inside the Hinault Farmhouse, examining the corpse of Gennove Hinault. The rest of the family is nowhere to be seen. I should talk to her and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Heloise Menoit
Heloise has asked me to burn Gennove's body and collect his ashes. She says something odd has been happening to the dead and wants to make sure none of the Hinaults come back as bloodfiends.
Objective: Collect Gennove's Ashes
Four members of the Hinault family are unaccounted for: the mother, two sons, and a daughter. Heloise has asked me to find them and, if necessary, burn their dead bodies and collect their ashes.
Objective: Find Jowan Hinault
Objective: Find Marrec Hinault
Objective: Find Mayla Hinault
Objective: Find Melita Hinault
I saved what members of the Hinault family I could and dispatched those that had become bloodfiends. Now I should return to the tower and talk to Lieutenant Fairfax.
Objective: Talk to Lieutenant Fairfax
Lieutenant Fairfax asked me to go into the tower and reassure Jowan Hinault and his sister. He said they were pretty shaken up when they arrived here and could probably benefit from a friendly face.
Objective: Talk to Jowan Hinault
Heloise Menoit has returned unexpectedly. I should observe what occurs between her and the Hinault siblings.
Objective: Listen to Jowan and Heloise
Jowan and Mayla accused Heloise Menoit of being the bloodfiend that attacked their family. Heloise denied it and fled from the tower. I should pursue her and learn the truth of the matter.
Objective: Follow Heloise Outside
By the time I got outside, Heloise Menoit ran past Lieutenant Fairfax and disappeared. I need to track her down.
Objective: Find Heloise Menoit
☑Finishes quest I need to tell Lieutenant Fairfax what happened to Heloise.
Objective: Talk to Lieutenant Fairfax
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