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Gennove Hinault
Location Hinault Farm
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 0 (Dead)

Gennove Hinault is a Breton farmer who is found hiding with his wife and children in their home while the Shornhelm Guard battle the bloodfiends on their farm. Gennove is the husband of Melita Hinault, and the father of Jowan, Mayla, and Marrec Hinault

During the quest Under Siege, Heloise Menoit asks you to check up on the Hinault family, as she has not seen them for some time. You discover the Hinaults taking shelter in their home, and when you knock on the door Gennove answers. Gennove refuses to open the door unless you obtain weapons for his family to defend themselves. Gennove requests a two-handed sword for himself, two one-handed swords for Melita and Jowan respectively, a bow for Marrec, and a pair of daggers for Mayla. While you are away, the Hinault farm is attacked by a bloodfiend. Upon returning to the farmhouse you discover that Gennove has been killed, and the rest of his family has fled. Heloise then asks you to burn Gennove's body to prevent possible regeneration as a bloodfiend, before going to look for his missing family. Jowan and Mayla are found safe, however both Marrec and Melita are discovered to have succumbed to the bloodfiends, and you have no choice but to kill them and burn their remains.

After dealing with the bloodfiend threat, Jowan Hinault asks you to attend the funeral for the fallen Hinault family members. This begins the quest Dearly Departed. During the funeral, Jowan asks you to bury the ashes. After the giving the eulogy Jowan rewards you with Gennove's Blade before departing with his sister.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Under Siege: Help rescue a contingent of Shornhelm soldiers.