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Melita Hinault
Location Hinault Farm
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Bloodfiend
Melita Hinault

Melita Hinault is a Breton and the wife of Gennove Hinault, and the mother of Jowan, Mayla, and Marrec Hinault. Initially Melita is holed up with her husband and children in their farmhouse while the Shornhelm Guard do battle with bloodfiends on their farm.

During the quest Under Siege, Heloise Menoit asks you to check up on the Hinault family. Gennove refuses to let you into the family home unless they retrieve a weapon for each member, including a one-handed sword for Melita. While you are away, the farm is attacked by a bloodfiend. When you return, Gennove is dead and the rest of the family is missing. Heloise will then ask you to save the remaining members of the Hinault family. When Melita is found, it is discovered that she has become a bloodfiend, and you are forced to kill her and burn her remains.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Under Siege: Help rescue a contingent of Shornhelm soldiers.
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