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Location The Moonless Walk
The Hollow City
Species Lamia
Reaction Friendly

Tzik'nith is a lamia from The Moonless Walk. She will ask for your help in rescuing her people's eggs from the Shadow Walkers. If you choose to aid the lamias, she will appear in the Hollow City. During The Final Assault, you can take her as a companion in the first section of the Endless Stair.

Related Quests[edit]


Into the Woods[edit]

After you have followed the Shadow Runner to the surviving Fighters Guild member, you will find him being protected by a Lamia who is in a standoff with some Shadow Walkers.

Shadow Butcher: "Give us the cat, snake, and we'll end your life quickly."
Tzik'nith: "Leave the outsider alone, warm bloods! You will not harm him!"
Sergeant Kamu: "This one knows there is an entrance to the tower somewhere nearby! Kamu … must … get … in!"

When the Shadow Walkers start attacking you, Tzik'nith will lead Kamu away.

Tzik'nith: "Come, outsider! While they are distracted, we shall find a safer place!"

Once you have defeated the Bosmer, you find her nearby, arguing with Faraniel.

Tzik'nith: "I will help the Khajiit, Elf! I know the best way into the tower!"
Faraniel "Don't be ridiculous, snake! The Khajiit needs expert help, and that means I'm going to provide it."

If you try to speak with Tzik'nith after this, she will direct you to speak with Sergeant Kamu.

"You are with the Khajiit, outsider. I know this. Go. Talk to your friend."

Once you have spoken with the Kamu, you will need to choose who to ally with. Speak with both to see what they have to say.

"We shall help you enter the tower. But first, you must help us against these foul Wood Elves. Do not listen to their lies!
They murder our children! For no reason! Please, you must help me save the little ones!"
The Wood Elves are killing your children?
"We never asked to be dragged into Coldharbour. We never made a deal with the Daedric Prince.
But ever since we got here, the Wood Elves raid our nests and slaughter our children. This cycle of murder needs to end!"
Why do you need me?
"You are a hero! You stride through Coldharbour with confidence, and not even the Wood Elves can touch you!
You can win this battle for us, and we will be in your debt. We will show you how to enter the tower. Even help you in your mission."
What about the Wood Elf and her people?
"They are monsters! They destroy our eggs and slaughter my people! If you aid the Wood Elves, we can never trust you.
The lamias are powerful. We would be of great help to you. But only if you help us end our war with the Wood Elves."
Very well, I'll help you.
"You will? We have waited such a long time for someone to aid us in our struggle. You have made me very happy, outsider!
Now we can get our children back! Now we can have our revenge!"
I need to talk to Faraniel first.

(Ends Conversation)

If you promised to help Faraniel instead, she will not be pleased.

"You disappoint me outsider, choosing to side with murderers and thieves instead of us.
My people will no longer sit back and hope for peace. We will take our children back! Just you watch and see!"

An Unusual Circumstance[edit]

Tzik'nith will offer an alliance

Once you've agreed to help the lamias, Tzik'nith will explain what help they need.

"The vile and ruthless Wood Elves smash our eggs just because they feel threatened by our numbers.
They even hold some in their dwellings, using them as hostages against us. This is not a way to live. We must get our eggs back."
Where are the Wood Elves keeping your eggs?
"They keep our eggs in their camps, holding them to keep us docile. They force us to stay near our own nests, hunting us down if we wander too far.
We want our children back. We need our eggs."
If I rescue your eggs, you'll show me how to get into the tower?
"The tower, yes, the tower. We will help you with that and so much more!
But all of our eggs must be returned."
I'll recover your eggs.
"They hide our eggs in their filthy camps. You must enter their homes to rescue our children. But be very careful. Such an intrusion will result in great pain and death if they catch you."
How do I return the eggs to you?
"I will find you near the Wood Elves' camp. I have ways of moving through the forest unseen. Can be dangerous, but worth the risk.
I will do anything to get our children back."
What do I get out of this again?
"I will show you how to get into the tower. Full of shiny treasures, I'm sure!
And we will become your allies against the Daedric Prince. Even fight at your side, if that is what you wish."

Once you have recovered the lamia eggs, Tzik'nith will be waiting for you on the northwestern edge of the camp. Once you hand over the eggs, she will explain that there is a second part to the bargain.

"You recovered our eggs! How wonderful! My people will be most grateful to you for this."
I fulfilled my part of our bargain. Now it's your turn.
"I must return these eggs to our nest. But there is one more thing you must do before my people will feel truly safe.
Please, may I tell you about this final task?"
All right. Tell me what else you want me to do.
"A council of elders leads the Wood Elves. They live upon a large rock that floats above us. Queen Fah'jik's eggs were taken and hidden up there.
You will need a key to open the portal and gain access to the floating rock."
Where do I get this key?
"The key is divided into two shards, each protected by a Shadow Walker guardian.
As soon as you acquire the two shards, go to the camp in the center of the forest. My people will meet you there."
Is there a way to get the shards without killing the Wood Elves? (Option appears if you promised Faraniel to avoid killing more Bosmer.)
"Why do you insist on not harming the ones who kill my people? The little Elf girl. She has confused you, hasn't she?
Bah! I do not know the ways of stealth. My people kill and we do so proudly for all to see."
[Persuade] I'm helping you, so I'd appreciate your help. Tell me what you know.
"I know nothing that would help you. I've already told you that.
But think about it. How did you make your way past the Wood Elves earlier? How did you avoid the runner? That might lead to the answer you seek."

Once you have taken the shards to the Queen and allowed her access to the Council as to kill them, Tzik'nith will be waiting for you outside an old stone door.

"My people rejoice! Most consider us monsters, but you helped us. We will never forget your generosity and compassion. My egg sisters will live! And life, even in this wretched place, is precious. Thank you!"
I did what I needed to do.
"As I promised, this door leads to the tower. I do not know what the tower holds, but we have heard the cries for help from within.
Be careful in there, outsider. This is Coldharbour. Even the most mundane things can hide terrible dangers."
And what will you do now?
"The Khajiit told me of a city of safety to the east. I will take some of my people, for we would very much like to see this city. We will be there if you have need of us, my friend."

The Hollow City[edit]

Tzik'nith in the Hollow City.

If you helped the lamias, Tzik'nith will eventually arrive in the Hollow City. She can be found by the water next to the Consultants' House along with two fellow Moonless Walk Lamias. When you speak with her, she will be resigned to the odd looks they receive.

"We receive strange looks from your people. I expected nothing less. They still think we are monsters.
We will prove otherwise. We will show them the power of the lamias and how our aid will help win this battle."

The Army of Meridia[edit]

Tzik'nith at the War Council.

If you sided with the Lamias previously, Tzik'nith will represent them at the War Council in the Chapel of Light. She will be eager to get at her enemies.

"Molag Bal will shiver in fear at our approach! He will feel the might of me and my sisters!"

The Final Assault[edit]

Tzik'nith outside the Endless Stair

During the assault on the Endless Stair, Tzik'nith and her fellow lamias will arrive at the portal entrance once you have given Vanus the labyrinth key.

"No longer will we hide in the darkness. No longer will we fear those who would hunt us.
Today, we become the hunters."

She is among the companions you can choose to bring with you during the first part of your mission.

"You need someone to accompany you into the Dark Lord's lair? You freed the lamias from our prison, let me help free you from yours."
You'll fight at my side?
"We promised. You helped save our children. We shall help save yours.
If you decide my place is at your side, then that is where I shall be."
You will accompany me on my mission.
"As you did for us, I shall do for you.
Let the blood of your enemies flow down the rocks and feed the Egg Mother!"
Let me talk to the others before I decide.

(Leaves Conversation)

If you choose to accept her aid, Tzik'nith will act as your follower as you battle Molag Bal's forces within the Endless Stair. She will only follow you during the initial exterior section of the dungeon, and will leave once you reach the entrance to the Labyrinth:

dialogue missing as follower
"We have spilled much blood, but now your army calls for my aid. Perhaps we shall see each other again if the Great Egg wills it."