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Talia at-Marimah
Location Morwha's Bounty
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ash'abah
Talia at-Marimah

Talia at-Marimah is a Redguard who can be found at Morwha's Bounty.

Related Quests[edit]


When you first enter the Sentinel Palace, you will catch the tail-end of a conversation between Talia and King Fahara'jad.

Talia at-Marimah: "With all respect, Your Majesty, this proves our suspicions were well-founded ... you should have heeded my father's warning."
King Fahara'jad: "It is not the place of the dishonored to correct the king, Ash'abah. You are dismissed."
Talia at-Marimah: "I meant no disrespect, Your Majesty, only that ... you know where to find us. I will take my leave."

Morwha's Curse[edit]

"You approach the camp of the Ash'abah ....
Wait ... I recognize you from Fahara'jad's palace. Hmmph! He would not listen to us, and now we all pay for his stubbornness!"
King Fahara'jad sent me. I need to speak with Marimah.
"Fahara'jad sent you to ask for our help? Now? The nerve of this king!
Hmmph. Well, if you seek my father, you should know he—and many other [sic] of our warriors—are extremely ill. Some are dead. Our water was poisoned."
Who poisoned your water?
"I suspect is was the necromancers—The Withered Hand—but it is of little importance now.
All that matters is finding the ingredients for the antidote. If my father dies, there is no Ash'abah for the king to call upon. Will you help me then?"
I'll help you find the ingredients.

Once you agree to help her she will tell you to find her at her tent.

Talia at-Marimah "Come quickly then. Meet me at my tent in the camp!"

When you reach her tent, she will hand you a list of ingredients and ask you to lead the way.

Talia at-Marimah "Here. I've marked on your map where my father says we can find the ingredients. Lead the way!"

As you collect the ingredients she will comment on the situation: Collecting Juniper Leaves:

Talia at-Marimah "I will see my falllen(sic) brothers and sister avenged even if it is the last thing I ever do."

Collecting Cave Palm Fruit:

Talia at-Marimah "My father has been chief of the tribe for twenty-six years. We would not know what to do without him."

Collecting Satakal's Blossom:

Talia at-Marimah "Who would have believed the Withered Hand would poison our water?"

Collecting Cactus Powder:

Talia at-Marimah "We must hurry. So many Ash'abah have already died."

Once all the ingredients have been collected:

"That's everything. Meet me at my father's tent."

When you approach her father's tent, she seems to be disagreeing with her father:

Talia at-Marimah "Please, Father! There must be some way!"
Marimah "You must accept this, Talia. My time has come. Go prepare the potion. I must speak with our guest."
Talia at-Marimah "I do not like this, but I will do as you say, Father."

The Initiation[edit]

After speaking with Marimah, he will send you to Talia to begin the trial of the Ash'abah.

"A great man lies dying over there, and he has put all his faith in you. I hope it is not misplaced.
I have finished mixing the potion for your initiation. Whenever you are ready, we can begin the trial."
I'm ready.
"Very well. Then here it is. Go to the makhadda in the back of the tent and drink.
Be prepared, initiate. The potion will bring on a vision of the past. When the vision is over, you will know what it means to be Ash'abah."
I understand.

If you speak to her again:

"You have the potion, initiate. Drink it. Experience the vision and become an Ash'abah."

After experiencing the vision and returning, Marimah has passed on and Talia will ask you about your vision of the past. Dialogue may differ depending on choices made beforehand.

"Welcome back. You were gone for longer than I expected.
I trust you walked beside Prince Haqmir of Yath and experienced the events that led to his exile?"
Yes. He was the first Ash'Abah?
"He was. Haqmir went on to start a family and a tribe in exile. They wandered the desert as nomads and became known as the Ash'abah.
Sameer became king and ruled peacefully until many years later, when he again faced the threat of necromancers and undead."
What happened?
"The colony from Yath would have fallen, but Haqmir led his tribe against the necromancers and their army of risen dead. The Ash'abah accepted the dishonor of fighting the dead to save the kingdom. So it has been ever since."
"You have now witnessed the first sacrifice, and you know that true honor need not be named.
You are one of us. You are Ash'abah. We will recognise you as our [brother/sister] and together, we will uphold the sacred duty of our tribe."
The my initiation is complete?
"Yes. The words have been spoken.
Normally my father would conduct a small ceremony and speak the words ... but his spirit moved on while you were unconscious. His last request was that you and I would destroy the Withered Hand."

Ash'abah Rising[edit]

"There is little we can do to help our fellow Ash'abah here now, so we should do as my father wished.
We should dedicate ourselves to destroying the Withered Hand. They killed my father; I will enjoy the opportunity to even the score."
Where do we start?
"There is a place to the northeast, a sacred place called Tu'whacca's Throne. It is a place of quiet and honor. Many, many heroes have been laid to rest there.
I worry what would happen if the Withered Hand were to go there."
Let's go to Tu'whacca's throne then.
"I must see to the consecration of my father's remains. It would be disrespectful to do otherwise.
Go on to Tu'whacca's Throne. Look for an Ash'abah named Ramati. I know these sands well. I will catch up with you soon enough."
'I will go one to Tu'whacca's Throne then."

If you speak to her again at the camp, she is annoyed that you haven't left yet.

"Why are you wasting time? My father did not instruct you to relax here and then go after the Withered Hand ....
You are Ash'abah now. You have a job to do. Go to Tu'whacca's Throne. We will see each other again soon enough."

Restoring the Ansei Wards[edit]

Talia is present during Restoring the Ansei Wards, where she attends the ceremony in the Impervious Vault with members of the Ash'abah. She expresses her gratitude:

"My father would be very proud of us, I think. You have ensured that the honor of the Ash'abah will abide. I am grateful that I can count you as one of our tribe."
The honor was all mine, Talia.
"You are as generous and kind as you are brave, sister. I hope we walk the sands together again someday.
Until then, remember … true honor need not be named.
"You are as generous and kind as you are brave, my brother. I hope we walk the sands together again someday.
Until then, remember … true honor need not be named."
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