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Prince Haqmir
Location Ash'abah Pass
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ra Gada
Prince Haqmir

Prince Haqmir was a Redguard and the son of King Xakhwan, the leader of the Ra Gada during the First Era. He is encountered in the vision taking place during the initiation of the Ash'abah.

Related Quests[edit]


The Initiation[edit]

After drinking the potion Talia gives you, you will find yourself in another tent be told to wake up by Prince Haqmir.

Prince Haqmir: "Sameer...Sameer...rouse yourself! Or do you want to miss the battle?"

Haqmir will enter the tent where he will be slightly concerned you haven't left your tent yet. He can be spoken to and asked some questions.

"Sameer, my brother! Finally you stir! Did you drink too deeply from the starry well last night?
This is unlike you. Quickly, pull yourself together. We can afford no idle time today."
I'm awake. What is going on?
"Morwha's mercy! Maybe you took a head-bump too! Did you forget about the battle? The Ra Gada will drive these evil Elves from our lands for good.
I am to fight at your side today, brother. Tell me you sill feel up to it!"'
Of course. I'm always ready for a fight.
"Now there is the Sameer I know. Sometime you will have to tell me what has befallen on this last night. A story of wildness, I am sure.
Come now though. Our father prepares to address the Ra Gada. He is expecting us."
Then let us not keep him waiting.
I'm still a little foggy. I have some questions first.
"Sameer, I am really starting to worry. Have you been ensorcelled?
The year is eight hundread and fifty-three. Our father is King Xakhwan, come from old to Yokuda to settle here in the Alik'r desert. I hope this is starting to sound familiar...."
Shouldn't a prince be afforded a little more respect?
"Blade's edge! I'm sorry. You are the crown prince, but I am your brother and I was worried.
Please. Tell me you're all right. I have been looking forward to this battle for weeks, but father will not let me fight unless you lead the way."
Why must we fight the Elves?
"Because they do not want us here. Our people came across the sea from old Yokuda to settle here, but these Elves—the Corelanya Clan—they would drive us from these shores.
We are making our stand today, letting them know we are here to stay."
I had a dream. Something about a tribe called the Ash'abah?
"The Ash'abah? These people I do not know. Are they also Elves? If so we must, we will kill them too.
I need you to focus though, Sameer. Focus on the battle today. We should hurry to hear father's speech."
All right. I am ready to go. (Option appears once one of the above questions have been asked.)
"Praise the gods! It would not be proper if we were not present when father makes his speech.
He is very likely starting to worry about us himself."
Then let us keep him waiting no longer.

After the King's speech, Prince Haqmir will enter his tent for some last prayers before the battle:

Prince Haqmir: "Give me a moment, Sameer. I must make my offering to Onsi. Come to my tent when you are ready to enter the battle."

When you retrieve Haqmir from his tent for battle he will say:

Prince Haqmir: "Our deeds today will be remembered for generations to come, brother. Lead on!"

While you are fighting Iniel she will reveal what has happened to the King, once she is dead:

Prince Haqmir: "Did you hear that? They must have gone through the crypt! Quickly! We must stop them!"

Once you enter the crypt passage:

Prince Haqmir: "I smell death in here, Sameer. Gods, look at the walking bones! Do these Elves have no shame?"

After finding Vizier Yeqdah and learning that the king's corpse has been reanimated:

Prince Haqmir: "We should discus this, Sameer. Come with me."

Once he has taken you aside, he admits what his plan is:

"Fate has dealt us a cruel hand, my brother. I agree with you. Father would not want us to flee our home, but do we dishonor ourselves?
To kill him would mean exile, but...I am willing to do this if you command."
Why would I command you to do this?
"Because it is clear that one of us must make this sacrifice. You are in line to become king now. If you strike our father, you would be throwing all of this away.
For me, there is not as much at stake. Just speak the command and I will go, brother."
No. I'll strike him down. It's my duty.


Your sacrifice will be remembered, brother. Do what you must.
"Thank you. In some ways, this is an honor for me.
Let us just hope that all that sparring we did in the courtyard has prepared me for this...If so, I will return momentarily. If not, then this is goodbye."
You'll be fine, Haqmir. I'll wait here. (When this is selected, the quest will progress.)

Dishonored Sameer[edit]

Needs dialogue from this choice

Dishonored Haqmir[edit]

After Haqmir returns from dealing with the necromancer and the undead King Xakhwan. He will want to speak with you for a final time:

"The deed is done, Sameer. Whatever that thing was, it was not our father. I know that in my heart.
We must respect the law though. I struck down our father; I desecrated his remains. I must be exiled."
There must be some other way.
"No. Enough tragedy has befallen our kingdom today. I would not disrespect our sacred laws.
To attempt to avoid my fate would mean the sacrifice I have made was in vain. You must let me go, brother."
You are truly noble, Haqmir. I'm sorry you must be exiled.


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