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Rile up the wasps into attacking the Khajiiti pirates.
Zone: Deshaan
Quest Giver: Churasu
Location(s): Silent Mire
Prerequisite Quest: The Saving of Silent Mire
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
Churasu has a way to turn the giant wasps into an army to use against the Khajiiti pirates. She needs my help to make an alchemical concoction.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Churasu.
  2. Collect wasp gizzards.
  3. Go to Churasu's hut to make the concoction.
  4. Splash the tree.
  5. Return to Churasu.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Churasu in a hut to start the quest:

"You startled me! I thought you were a Khajiiti pirate!"
What are you doing in here?
"I couldn't just leave the wasps! I made a mixture that fooled them into thinking we're part of their hive. I thought they'd be wonderful guard creatures, but—not so much.
But I've got a new formula that should turn them into an angry army."
An army against the pirates? What do you need?
"Let's see—a half dozen wasp gizzards. But then you would have to get to my hut on the shore to make the concoction. I left my alchemy journal there.
When it's made, toss the mixture onto the tree outside my hut. That will rile the wasps up!"
I'll take care of it.
"I thought the wasps could be useful. I had some success with the process, as you can see by my sweet Chezik here.
But they are skittish creatures, especially when they reach their full size."
[Persuade] You know, I could deal with this faster if you had a few gizzards to spare.
"I was saving these. They're rather tasty when roasted and seasoned properly.
Since you're helping us, it would only be fair to give you what I have."
Do you have any gizzards you can give me?(?)
How do I make the concoction after I collect the gizzards?
"My hut has everything you need—a calcinator, an alembic, a mortar, and all the essentials.
My alchemy journal should also be there. Just follow the instructions and you'll be good to go."
But what goes into it, besides the gizzards?
"Don't worry. My journal contains all the details. I wrote everything down.
Ever since that accident, with the fire salts and ectoplasm, my memory has been a bit shaky. Or was it fire salts and fly amanita? I can never remember exactly."

If you didn't persuade Churasu to give you her spare wasp gizzards, then you will need to collect six of them.

Once you have the needed gizzards, go to Churasu's hut and read her alchemy journal, which you'll find lying on the ground. It instructs you to use three lumps of troll fat per gizzard, and several pinches of wisplight powder — one less than three times as many pinches of powder as gizzards. This will be important later.

Inspect Churasu's alchemy table:

<This well-used alembic and calcinator await your use.>
<Start the mixture.>

You will need to get the ingredients right. The correct recipe for your potions is six gizzards, eighteen lumps of troll fat, and seventeen pinches of wisplight powder. Choose accordingly. If you make the wrong choice and flub the potion, you will need to collect another wasp gizzard to replace the one you'll lose.

<You have six gizzards to grind up with troll fat and wisplight powder.>
<Add six gizzards, six troll fat lumps, and six pinches of wisplight powder.>(?)
<Add six gizzards, eighteen troll fat lumps, and twelve pinches of wisplight powder.>(?)
<Add six gizzards, eighteen troll fat lumps, and seventeen pinches of wisplight powder.>

Once you have the right mixture, head outside and interact with the tree near the hut. A Renrijra Quickblade will notice you and ask, "Hey! What are you doing?" As the wasps approach, she'll have time to utter, "What the—" before fleeing in terror. Return to Churasu. (Note that most of the hostile wasps and Renrijra pirates remain in the area. Avoid them unless you're looking for a fight.)

Speak to Churasu to complete the quest:

"You're back! And you're not full of stinger holes."
I made the mixture. The wasps became very angry.
"I heard their angry buzzing from here! And the yelps of the Khajiit! That's wonderful.
You would make a good alchemy apprentice—but some other time. I've too much to do right now."

Quest Stages[edit]

Strange Guard Beasts
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to collect six wasp gizzards. That's the basis for Churasu's concoction.
Objective: Collect Wasp Gizzards
I have the gizzards I need to make the concoction. I need to go to Churasu's hut by the shore. Then I can use her alchemy journal and supplies to make the mixture.
Objective: Make the Concoction
Objective Hint: Check Hut for Instructions
I made an incorrect calculation on the amount of materials I required. I need to collect another gizzard to make up for the lost one.
Objective: Collect Another Wasp Gizzard
Success! The mixture worked! Now I need to splash the concoction on the tree outside.
Objective: Splash Tree with the Concoction
☑Finishes quest I spread the mixture around and attracted a lot of angry wasps. They went right after the Khajiiti pirates. I should return to Churasu and let her know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Churasu