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Home Settlement The Gray Mire
Location Gray Mire, Grey Mire
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 31364
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Shadowscales
Slim-Jah using her magic on Mother Lightning

Slim-Jah is a former Argonian shadowscale and a leader of the settlement of the Gray Mire, along with Uta-Tei and No-Fingers. She has a strong hatred of elves due to the Dunmer practice of slavery, and is against the Dominion building walls around her home.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Scars Never Fade[edit]

You find her among her hunters.

"Begone, outsider. You have no place here."
Can I ask you some questions?
"I speak with warriors, not spoiled eggs."

You can try to persuade her, or fight one of her hunters.

Are you asking me to fight you?
"If I wanted you dead, I wouldn't ask. Show me what kind of warrior you are. If you survive a duel with one of my hunters, I'll answer your questions."

Defeat the hunter, and she'll say: "I've seen better. Go on then, ask what you will."

[Persuade] Forgive me. I didn't mean to offend someone of your stature.
"Your words are drenched in honey. How far do you stick your tongue up the beehive? Very well. Ask your questions."

No matter which approach you take, she'll answer your questions now.

What is your role in this tribe?
"I hunt and I fish. I do it better than the rest. The others respect my strength. This tribe has forgotten how to survive. You want to know my role? I remind them what we left behind."
What do you mean?
"No matter how far this tribe wanders, they will always bathe Elven boots with theirtongues. Dark Elves, High Elves ... a Nord with pointed ears would do. But some of us fought our slavemasters. When they forget, I remind them."
What do you think of the Dominion?/You think the Dominion are slavemasters?
"By Dominion you mean Queen Ayrenn. She's like any Dark Elf matron, but her lash is an army of Thalmor lackies [sic]. The Wood Elves and Khajiit are the worst kind of slaves. They'll pave her road to victory with their own blood, and thank her for the privilege."
So you aren't in favor of the Dominion?
"Enough questions. Uta-Tei called a meeting to discuss the barricades. If you're so eager to learn my thoughts, you should attend."

She will make her opinion clear, as she murders Uta-Tei during the meeting and flees:

Uta-Tei: "Thank you for coming, all of you. We have all heard the grumblings. But if this is to be our home, we must end this talk of defying the Dominion."
Slim-Jah: "You tail-lifting fool! Do we ignore the slave pen they built around us? This Wood Elf god you follow corrupts your mind!"
Uta-Tei: "Y'ffre can give us hatchlings, Slim-Jah. Peace with the Dominion is our only chance of survival."
Slim-Jah: "While you whisper to trees, the Dominion measures our wrists for manacles! I cannot allow this!"
No-Fingers: "Slim-Jah, what are you saying?"
Slim-Jah: "Uta-Tei, you turn our people away from the Hist. I sanction you for your heresy!" (She kills her.)
No-Fingers: "Slim-Jah, no!"
Slim-Jah: "Hail Sithis!"

With No-Fingers' help, track down and defeat her hunters, and then Slim-Jah herself.

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