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Skein Spider
Location College of Sapiarchs, College of Sapiarchs Labyrinth
Coral-Splitter Caves, King's Haven Pass
Psijic Relic Vaults (if summoned)
The Spiral Skein
Species Spider
Health 31364
9231 (when summoned to attack the portal)
Reaction Hostile
A Skein Spider

Skein Spiders are daedric imitations of Giant Spiders native to the Spiral Skein. They are often encountered with other minions of Mephala, and can be summoned by Spiderkith Brood Nurses.

They can be encountered attacking the College of Sapiarchs, and in the ancient ruins of King's Haven Pass, where Keetas the Weaver may summon a few. Many can be found in The Spiral Skein, and will also be spawned to prevent Valsirenn from opening a portal out of the realm.

Skein Spider
Species Spider
Health 1
Reaction Neutral
A small Skein Spider
Pre-release screenshot

Smaller passive spiders are also called Skein Spiders are also found crawling in the same locations.

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