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Location Blood Matron's Crypt
Aldmeri Dominion North of Ushmal's Rest
Daggerfall Covenant Northeast of Pelin Graveyard
Ebonheart Pact North of Linele Skullcarver's Camp
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Rahaja is a Redguard vampire found in the Blood Matron's Crypt. There, she guides other newly infected beings through their transformation at the hands of Lamae Bal.

Related Quests[edit]


When you get close to Rahaja's location, you will see a cloud of red mist coming toward you. In front of your eyes, it transforms into Rahaja.

"We had hoped you would come. We have watched you ever since you first emerged from Coldharbour. If you were like other mortals you would soon turn. But you are unique."
How am I unique?
"The Dark Father, Molag Bal, has corrupted you. Only Mother Lamae herself may turn you into one of us. Kneel before this monument, and pray she welcomes you into her embrace."

Speaking to her again before activating the monument and she will say:

"Follow the pull of your blood and you will find the Tomb of the Blood Matron."

Activate the monument not far from Rahaja. It transports you into the Blood Matron's Crypt. Talk to Rahaja again inside.

"Our kind live in darkness and feed on life. Walking among us requires forsaking the gods and embracing the blessing of Mother Lamae. Will you proceed?"
I will.
"First, you must experience the history of our kin, through our mother, Lamae Bal. How she was first defiled, then forsaken."
How do I do that?
"There are two basins, the basin of suffering and the basin of loss. First, you must drink the basin of suffering, and witness how our mother suffered at the hands of Molag Bal. Then you must show your hatred for Molag Bal by profaning his symbol."
What about the other cup?
"After you've profaned Molag Bal's symbol, you will drink from the basin of loss and see how Lamae Bal was forsaken in her time of suffering. Then you will profane the symbol of the Foresaker."
Who is the Foresaker?
"That is not for me to reveal. Now, drink the cup of suffering. Profane the symbol of Molag Bal, the Defiler. When you have drunk from both cups, you will kneel in the pool and present yourself to Mother Lamae."

If you speak to her again:

"Participating in this ceremony means you accept a dark fate. Will you proceed?"
Tell me about Mother Lamae?
"In life, she was a young and beautiful Nedic priest. To spite Arkay, Molag Bal corrupted her and left her in a death-like state. Upon waking, she was overcome with a savage hunger.
The nomads who found her body would become her first feast."
How did the other vampires come about?
"Over the ages she found that when others fed from her, rather than becoming weaker, she grew still more powerful. And as her blood flowed within an ever growing number of children, so her strength multiplied."

When you speak to her after profaning the symbols:

"Enter the pool and touch the symbol of life."

When Lamae Bal arrives:

"The Blood Matron brought these cultist here for you to prey upon. You need the blood. Drink."

After killing the cultists:

"Mother Lamae wants to speak with you."

Upon completing the quest:

"We share the blood of Mother Lamae. We are now kin. I will watch out for you from the shadows."

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