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The ancient crypt of Lamae Bal cannot be accessed by any means available to mortals. Only vampires and those blessed by them may enter…
Blood Matron's Crypt
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Visited Scion of the Blood Matron
Lamae Bal, Rahaja
Ganduin, Ginrazan, Maecald, Mathmyar, Lyrezi, Selenu, Vraseth
Nomads, Worm Assassins
Quest Chain
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Solo Only Yes
The Blood Matron's Crypt

The Blood Matron's Crypt is the resting place of Lamae Bal, the first vampire. Her coven will be surrounding the black pool of blood in the center, where Lamae eventually arises from. It's there that newly infected vampires go to accomplish their full transformation. It can be found in Rawl'kha (Reaper's March), Evermore (Bangkorai), or Riften (The Rift), depending on your alliance.

Tunnels of the Crypt

During the quest, a few visions of Lamae's past play out at the basins, and the shrines to Arkay and Molag Bal are profaned. When Lamae arrives, she orders you to go to the tunnels and kill the ten Worm Assassins found throughout.

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Blood Matron's Crypt