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ON-icon-achievement-Precursor Maker.png Precursor Maker
Type Clockwork City Achievements
Points 50
Furnishing(s) The Precursor (image)
Collect and install all of the parts necessary to reconstruct the Precursor factotum.

Precursor Maker is awarded for finding each of the 15 parts of The Precursor, scattered in Dwemer ruins all across Tamriel and in the Clockwork City. (None of the pieces require any of the other DLCs to find.)

The first part, the Integral of Memory, is found in the Mnemonic Planisphere (map) as part of the quest The Precursor, which begins in the Brass Fortress. You can find any of the other pieces before starting the quest, but you cannot install the items until you have completed the quest, so they will take up space in your backpack. (They are not considered quest items, so they will take up inventory space, but they cannot be placed in your backpack or transferred to other characters in any way.)

Once you have completed the quest, talking to the Precursor Head in Zanon's Workshop will give you a clue as to where you can find others. This is entirely optional, as you can find all the pieces without the clues, and in any order. Two of the pieces do require some questing before their areas are unlocked.

When you have found and installed all 15 pieces, there is another quest, The Oscillating Son. Completing this will reward you with The Precursor (image), a training dummy which can be installed in your home. This item is not a Collectible, so it is possible to earn more than one of them on multiple characters

Part Clue Location Map Notes
ON-icon-quest-Gemstone Tear Blue.png Integral of Memory By some words, I wind my gears. I am in need of my integral of memory. You can find it in sector grid cube 3Z-A of the Mnemonic Planisphere. Clockwork City, in the Mnemonic Planisphere (map) This piece is required before you can install any of the other pieces.
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Arm.png Construct's Left Arm My left arm was filled with some sort of dirt ... no, sand? Yes, Alik'r sand if I'm not mistaken! I'd know that sedimentary composition anywhere. Alik'r Desert, in Yldzuun (map)
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Arm.png Construct's Right Arm Oh, my poor right arm. It's going to rust at this rate, what with all the steam! Quick, you'll find it in southern Bangkorai. Grab it before it's too late! Bangkorai, in Klathzgar (map)
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Leg.png Construct's Left Leg Ah, the pleasant sensation of Riften grass on my thigh. I'm tempted to leave my left leg there, but my gyroscope is calibrated for two lower limbs. The Rift, in Avanchnzel (map)
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Leg.png Construct's Right Leg My right leg, consigned to the nether region of a Dwarven sphere fabricator? The ignominy! I thought the Rourken of Sentinel would show more respect. Alik'r Desert, in Santaki (map)
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Pelvis.png Construct's Pelvis My pelvis feels the languid breeze of Deshaan air among the flavors of a Dwemer cavern. One can never quite forget that combination of tastes. Deshaan, in Lower Bthanual (map)
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Chestplate.png Construct's Chestplate By Sotha Sil, my chest is hot! It must be near a volcano. Perhaps the one in Alik'r? I don't remember going to any others, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Alik'r Desert, in Aldunz (map)
ON-icon-quest-Construct's Spine.png Construct's Spine I feel chills down my spine. Literally! I haven't experienced a chill like this since Lord Seht took me to Windhelm. Eastmarch, in Mzulft (map)
ON-icon-fragment-Guar Stomp Elucidating Hand-Scultpure.png Construct's Left Hand Ah, the sounds and smells of Morrowind! I know these lands like the back of my hand. My left hand, to be exact. Stonefalls, in Inner Sea Armature (map)
ON-icon-fragment-Guar Stomp Elucidating Hand-Scultpure.png Construct's Right Hand Well, let me see ... or rather feel. My right hand is positively sticky! Must be Deshaan air. I also feel several regular vibrations. Perhaps a room full of steam pistons? Yes, I believe so. Deshaan, in Mzithumz (map)
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Balljoint.png Construct's Dynamo Core My dynamo core feels stiff as a plank! Oh yes, I know this feeling. Huh. Who'd have thought there was a research table in Stros M'Kai? Stros M'Kai, in Bthzark (map) Not accessible until the Buried Secrets quest
ON-icon-quest-Varla Stone.png Construct's Integral of Calculus My integral of calculus lies deep within the Mechanical Fundament, suspended over a river of lava. At the time I noted the walkway was structurally unstable. But alas, my calculations are in the integral. Clockwork City, Brass Fortress, in Mechanical Fundament (map) Requires some tricky jumping over lava
ON-icon-quest-Construct's Integral of Introspection.png Construct's Integral of Introspection Lost within the Radius. High upon a cliff. Shining pink petals above. I think the Ventral Terminus is nearby? I'm sure I'll understand the symbolism once you return my integral of introspection. Clockwork City, near the Ventral Terminus (map) You'll need to jump over some rock formations to reach it
ON-icon-quest-Construct's Integral of Reason.png Construct's Integral of Reason My integral of reason lies within metal jaws in a wasteland of rubbish. I'm sure there's an analogy there, but I'll need the integral to tell you it. Clockwork City, Brass Fortress, in the Machine District (map) Not accessible until the Lost in the Gloam quest
ON-icon-quest-Factotum Staff.png Construct's Nullification Staff Oh my poor nullification staff! Lord Seht gave me it as a present, too. I remember a group of ruffians placing it in an honored place before dumping my pelvis into the lower depths. Pardon my Nordic, but they were right bastards. Deshaan, in Bthanual (map)


  • There is some inconsistency with the names of the items as seen in the world, your inventory, and the achievement criteria.
    • The "Construct's Left/Right Arm" items are seen in your inventory as "The Precursor's Left/Right Arm".
    • The achievement criteria all omit the word "Construct's" (or "The Precursor's" in the case of the arms).
    • The Chestplate and Dynamo Core are called "Chestpiece" and "Miniaturized Dynamo" in the achievement criteria.