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Orva Direfrost
Location Direfrost Keep
Race Draugr Gender Female
Health Normal186642Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
Orva Direfrost

Orva Direfrost is a Draugr found at the Direfrost Keep. She is an ancestor of the Direfrost clan who has come under the control of the witch, Drodda of Icereach. When she is summoned alongside Lord Agomar and Garmath the Bold, she will fight until her body is destroyed, which will free her spirit.

Related Quests[edit]


After her body is destroyed:

Orva Direfrost:"I am free, at last. But the crone of Icereach still lives!"

You have the option of speaking to her spirit:

"You are formidable to have defeated me in battle. But that was Drodda in control, not I. Find me in Sovngarde if you make your way there. We'll duel again.
In the meantime, climb to the summit of this Keep and end that cowardly witch, Drodda."
What happened?
"Agomar always delighted in inviting the locals into the Keep for a meal on cold nights. Drodda attacked us disguised as a peasant on one such night, launching her spells as soon as we let her in.
Half of us ended up frozen. The other half, dead."
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