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Stormhold Guild Hall
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Ebonheart Pact
Skyshards 1
The Stormhold Guild Hall

The Stormhold Guild Hall is a part of the Ayleid ruin of Silyanorn which houses the Stormhold administration and both the Mages and the Fighters Guild branches. Each Guild has its own entrance, the Mages Guild occupying chambers on the right and the Fighters Guild housed on the left, though they are connected inside. A skyshard can be found above the Mages Guild entrance.

There are several owned leveled weapons and armor pieces scattered around the Fighters Guild half. A copy of The Green Singing is on one of the beds where the Vicecanons hang out. A copy of Eyes of the Queen Only appears on the table near that bed when Three Tender Souls is complete. The Shadowscale's Journal appears on the other bed after Three Tender Souls.

The Mages Guild chamber is lighted by the Welkynd Stone placed on a podium in the middle. Fire pits along the walls keep the place warm. Several bookshelves can be found here. An advanced safebox can be found just within the guild's section, to the left of the entrance from the hallway connecting the two halls.

Related Quests[edit]

Residents and Vendors[edit]

The Fighters Guild Entrance
The Mages Guild Entrance

^aOnly appears during The Prismatic Core quest.
^bOnly appears after the successful completion of the Fighters Guild quest line.[verification needed]
^cOnly appears during the Onward to Shadowfen quest.
^dOnly appears during the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter quest.


A map of the Stormhold Guild Hall
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