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Location Outside Riverhold, Rimmen, other locations?
Race Dagi Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Lyrrsazhi is a Dagi messenger who can be met after A Rage of Dragons for every main zone quest if you haven't already started it. She will have a message for you to return to the place where the next quest is about to start.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Usurper Queen[edit]

"Ah, five-claw, good, good.
This one was told to watch for a person just like you."
A person just like me?
"Well, to be specific, Lyrrsazhi was told to watch for you exactly. To deliver a message.
The fragrant Abnur Tharn demands your presence in the war council. You know, Riverhold's K'har Zhab Hall. Trouble is coming. This one can feel it in her tail!"
Do you know what Abnur Tharn wants with me?
"This one wouldn't be worth her moon-sugar as a spy if she didn't overhear a thing or two she wasn't supposed to. The great Tharn plans to meet with the Usurper Queen and he wants you to accompany him.
But you heard none of that from me."
I'll go to Riverhold and talk to Abnur Tharn.
"The great Tharn awaits you in Riverhold's K'har Zhab Hall. You will recognize him by his proud stance, his regal brow, and his penetrating eyes.
And his air of authority. He wears it proudly like a Khajiit wears fur."
K'har Zhab Hall. What is that?
"A building in Riverhold. Like a town hall. The words mean "the hall where the chiefs play games."
Shows you what Khajiiti think of politics, yes?"

The Battle for Riverhold[edit]

As you approach her she will try and get your attention, "Over here, five-claw!"

"Ah, five-claw, good, good.
This one brings another message from the great and powerful Tharn."
What's the message, Lyrrsazhi?
"Abnur Tharn demands your presence in the war council. You know, K'har Zhab Hall. In Riverhold.
Trouble is coming, five-claw. This one can feel it in her tail!"
Trouble? What makes you say that?
"This one wouldn't be Lord Gharesh-ri's best spy if she didn't listen at closed doors. The Usurper Queen marches on Riverhold. Tharn needs you to help defend the city.
But this one doesn't know these things and never said a word."
I'll go to Riverhold and talk to Abnur Tharn.
"This one has been studying the great Tharn. Such presence he has! Confident, strong, loquacious. Words flow like honey pudding from his mouth. Makes Lyrrsazhi's nose wet just to think about it.
He often smells rather acrid, though. Pity."
K'har Zhab Hall. What is that?
"A building in Riverhold. Like a town hall. The words mean "the hall where the chiefs play games."
Shows you what Khajiiti think of politics, yes?"

Two Queens[edit]

As you approach her she will try and get your attention, "Psst! Five-claw, this one has a message for you!"

"Ah, five-claw. Good, good. This one saw what you did. The Dragon never stood a chance!
Lyrrsazhi can shower you with praise later. Right now, the war council is eager to get on with things. They await you in K'har Zhab Hall in Riverhold."
Has the war council decided on our next course of action?
"Now, this one isn't supposed to know such things, but what kind of spy would Lyrrsazhi be if she didn't stick her nose in council business from time to time?
This one heard the Speaker and the Tharn. They discussed a direct assault on Rimmen."
After the attack on the camp and the battle for Riverhold, do we have the forces for that?
"A good question, five-claw. This one doesn't think so, but what does Lyrrsazhi know about military engagements? We do have a new queen, though, so that is something.
Go to Riverhold and talk to the Tharn. He should be able to allay your concerns."
I'll go to Riverhold and talk to Abnur Tharn.

If she is spoken to after starting the quest.

"Think about it, five-claw. Little Princess Khamira survived the execution of the royal family. It's a miracle, by Jode!
We need to overthrow the Usurper Queen before she tries to rectify the situation. So, get to Riverhold and talk to Abnur Tharn."

The Final Order[edit]

As you approach her she will try and get your attention, "Psst! Five-claw, over here!"

"Ah, five-claw, good, good.
This one has walked to Dune and back looking for you. Well, maybe not quite that far."
What do you need, Lyrrsazhi?
"Oh, not this one, five-claw. Lyrrsazhi is only the messenger. A sad state of affairs for a master spy, but we must do what we must do.
Queen Khamira requests your presence in Rimmen Palace. What a wonder, a Khajiit once again on the Anequina throne!"
You must know what she wants. You are a master spy, after all.
"How good of someone to finally notice!
Yes, this one hears things. Uneasiness surrounding a mysterious final order issued by Euraxia before she died. Not to mention the confusion regarding the Dragons and their pet necromancers. Dark Moons indeed!"
I'll go to Rimmen Palace and talk to Khamira.

You can then ask her a question or two.

"Perhaps you will put in a good word for Lyrrsazhi? Let the new queen know that this one's talents are wasted as a common messenger, yes?
Anyway, Queen Khamira can be found in the palace throne room."
How is Khamira handling her new role, Lyrrsazhi?
"It is not Lyrrsazhi's place to comment on a person of royal blood. But since you asked ….
This one thinks the new queen looks sad. Crowns and thrones have a way of darkening the brightest smiles. Perhaps you can cheer her up, yes?"

Cadwell the Betrayer[edit]

As you approach her she perk up, "Ah, there you are."

"Ah, five-claw, good, good.
This one wore out two pairs of sandals prowling the streets looking for you."
Do you need something?
"Lyrrsazhi has a message for you, five-claw. Queen Khamira wants you to attend her in Rimmen Palace immediately.
Now, this one isn't certain of all the details, but she heard something about a Dragonhorn. You discovered that, didn't you?"
Yes, I found the Dragonhorn. Is there anything else I need to know?
"You imply Lyrrsazhi listens at closed doors? Oh, you know me so well, five-claw!
This one heard talk of the necromancer, Zumog Phoom. The queen fears he seeks to restore Cadwell the Betrayer, and she has no desire to see that dark legend reborn."
I'll go to Rimmen and speak to Khamira.

She will also want you to relay her greetings to Abnur Tharn.

"If you speak to the powerful Tharn while you're at the palace, let him know that Lyrrsazhi has been thinking about him. Isn't he just delicious? Like a honey pudding, he is!
Anyway, the queen awaits you in the palace throne room."
You really find Abnur Tharn attractive?
"The confidence, the power, the raw animal magnetism … how could Lyrrsazhi not be attracted to such a man?
But the Tharn is mine, five-claw. Or he will be, once he notices. Find your own honey pudding to court!"

Jode's Core[edit]

When she notices you, "Five-claw, I have news!"

"Ah, five-claw, you are a tricky one, yes? Like a mouse hiding in the tall grass. But Lyrrsazhi found you. She always does.
This one brings a message from the queen."
Tell me the message, Lyrrsazhi.
"The message is short and to the point. Queen Khamira requires your presence at Rimmen Palace, posthaste.
Of course, Lyrrsazhi can elaborate, provided you are interested."
I'm interested in whatever you can tell me.
"Lyrrsazhi hears things. She considers it part of her duty to the throne.
There is talk of the Moons aligning, even though the time is wrong. And soldiers were sent to the ruins of the Moon Gate of Anequina. The queen will tell you more."
I'll go to Rimmen Palace and meet with Khamira.

You can also ask where your other companions are.

"This one also hears that the Dragons gather near the Moon Gate as well. Bad times grow even worse, Lyrrsazhi fears.
You know, some believe an eclipse occurs when a Dragon eats the Moons. If that is the case here, I hope it chokes."
Any word on Abnur Tharn or Zamarak? Did they return from the Shadow Dance Ruins?
"Of course Lyrrsazhi keeps an eye and ear on her honey pudding and the big adept!
They returned with whispered words about how they eluded a Dragon and reported to Queen Khamira. Then they left the palace and went their separate ways."
Do you know where they are now?
"Still in Rimmen, last Lyrrsazhi knew. But then she was tasked with finding you and delivering the queen's message.
And that reminds this one. You should go see Queen Khamira now. She hates being made to wait."

The Heir of Anequina[edit]

As you approach, she will call out to you, "Over here. This one has a message for you."

"Ah, five-claw, just the one Lyrrsazhi was looking for.
Queen Khamira requests you come to the Rimmen Palace immediately. She has need of you."
Did Khamira say anything else?
"It's more about what was not said than what was, yes? For example, the queen said nothing about how the Mane sent an envoy to determine if she is really the heir of Anequina.
About the Dragons and the strange eclipse, she has been equally silent."
Anything else, Lyrrsazhi?
"A spy of Lyrrsazhi's caliber uncovers secrets. It is as natural as grooming!
This one thinks the queen worries about our missing soldiers. They have yet to return from the Moon Gate. But Lyrrsazhi isn't supposed to know about that, either."

You can ask her about Khamira.

"This one hears the danger has passed. Mostly. A few Dragons remain in the wild, and the occasional Euraxian leaps from the shadows, but Rimmen is free and the Usurper Queen is dead.
Lyrrsazhi thinks you had something to do with all that, yes?"
How did Khamira seem to you?
"Tired. Worried. She frets over the fate of the missing soldiers. And she is concerned about her friends. The big adept. Lord Gharesh-ri. Even the Imperial, Calo.
She will not rest until she knows that they are safe."

Coronation Ceremony[edit]

During Khamira's coronation, you can find Lyrrsazhi standing in the corner.

"Ah, five-claw. Alas, Lyrrsazhi has no message for you.
Furthermore, Lyrrsazhi should point out that small talk is not this one's specialty."

After the coronation is done, she will say when spoke to:

"Queen Khamira. She is all official now. This one supposes that means more messages for Lyrrsazhi to carry.
Ah, well. This one was too good at being a spy that no one realized her true calling. Being the queen's messenger isn't the worst job, yes?"