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Lizabet Charnis
Location Fang Lair
Race Breton Gender Female
Health Normal926192Veteran2974690 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Friendly (Initially, before fight)
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult
Lizabet Charnis casting a spell

Lizabet Charnis is a Breton necromancer who serves as the first boss of Fang Lair. She is a member of the Blackmarrow Cult and serves Orryn the Black. She will create a barrier blocking the path leading farther into the ruin, and will split herself into four projections during the fight.

Related Quests[edit]

Spells and Abilities[edit]

Bone Cage


When she is approached:

Lizabet Charnis: "Damn! They're here sooner than expected."
"No matter. You will go no further and your bones will join this army!"
Combat Dialogue
"The way is shut. Nothing you can do will change that."
"Struggle all you like, death gets its way in the end."
"Are you all the wyrm-slave had to muster?"
"How much longer do you intend to keep this up?"
"Curse your beating hearts! Just die already!"
"The dead are tireless. Are you?"
"No―no! I can't hold it! Ah!" (Upon defeat)


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