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The Kagesh Tribe

The Kagesh are an Ashlander tribe living in the hills located near the Iliath Temple. Despite having a truce with the monks found at the temple, their ashkhan, Ziddak Dunhaki, led a force of tribesman in the goal of taking over.


Named Members
Ashkhan Ziddak Dunhaki (leader)
Brevasu Helothan
Broder Givyn
Dreyla Rothan
Ervas Givyn
Farseer Tirinaat
Galam Helothan
Hedranna Kaliki
Scout Galsar
Turon Elval
Generic Members
Kagesh Brother
Kagesh Clanholder
Kagesh Guide
Kagesh Sister
Ziddak's Blademaster
Ziddak's Marksman
Ziddak's Rogue



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