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Grouping Tools

Grouping with other players is an important aspect of Elder Scrolls Online, and is often necessary to complete group content. Unlike player guilds or friends, groups are temporary, character-bound, and (in PvP zones) Alliance-restricted. Grouping provides a 10% Experience bonus to everyone in the group. Each group has a leader, identified by a crown icon. Fellow group members can be identified by an arrow icon. Groups come in three sizes:

  • Regular Groups consist of up to 4 players, and are needed to complete Group Dungeons, and Dragonstar Arena
  • Medium Groups consist of up to 12 players, and are used in Trials
  • Large Groups (informally known as "raids") can hold up to 24 players, and are primarily used for AvA battles in Cyrodiil

Once a group leader reaches Level 50 and unlocks Veteran content, the option to switch the group between Normal and Veteran mode becomes available. This option determines which version of a Group Dungeon (or Dragonstar Arena) the group enters. Group Dungeons also scale to the level of the group leader. The number of players in a group dictates the amount of experience received. A group of two actually receives bonus experience compared to solo play[verification needed], but the returns decrease as more players join.

Grouping Tools[edit]

The Grouping Tools tab allows players to passively look for a group to join. To join a group, you must select your preferred role(s) (Tank, Healer, Damage), if any. Group searches can be specified by listing which roles you're looking for, what size group you wish to join, what "activity type" (World, Alliance War, Dungeon, Veteran Dungeon, Trial) the group is for, and optionally the specific location of the activity. For World activities, use of the group finder is limited by level, and Alliance Zones are divided by subzone.

Following the changes in Update 8, groups created via the Grouping Tools for Group Dungeons can contain players from all alliances, and the dungeon and players will be battle-leveled to Level 50 Champion Points160.

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