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Glirion the Redbeard
Pledge Master
Home City Elden Root
Location Undaunted Enclave (Elden Root)
Undaunted Enclave (Wayrest)
Undaunted Enclave (Mournhold)
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Pledge Master
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Vinedusk Rangers (former)
Glirion the Redbeard

Glirion the Redbeard is a morose Bosmer Undaunted who can be found at the enclaves in Elden Root, Wayrest and Mournhold. He is responsible for offering daily pledges.

Related Quests[edit]


Taking the Undaunted Pledge[edit]

Glirion will speak to the player about the pledges and the story behind how they got started.

"Is there something I can do for you, Undaunted?"
Maj al-Ragath asked me to speak to you about pledges.
"Maj, Urgarlag, and I have been selected to curate a challenge for our fellows. We will be sending Undaunted into the depths of Tamriel in search of treasure and glory."
Is that different than normal Undaunted explorations?
"The difference is the reward. Everyday, we three decide on specific dungeons the crew will explore. Steadfasts like yourself can take a pledge to see the job done."
Why will there be three of you?
"Maj's demeanor best suits the new blood. I understand the fragility of life. I will not sugar coat the tasks I give our more seasoned cohorts.
And Urgarlag will simply choose based on her desire to break you ... or take you. The result is the same."
So what are the rewards of taking a pledge?
"You will earn keys to unlock the chests around our enclave. Harder challenges result in more keys and more opportunities to fill your pockets.
The chests were not stocked at random. Be certain those you choose hold the treasures you hope to claim."
I think I understand.
"Very good. Then make you introduction to Urgarlag Chief-bane if you value your ability to chew.
She would not take being snubbed lightly."
I'll be sure to speak with her.

After agreeing to speak with Urgarlag, Glirion is willing to answer more questions.

"Make your introduction to Urgarlag brief. Sparking her ire or her interest could be detrimental to your health."
Why is the crew doing this?
"The Undaunted have grown in number, of late. Stalwarts like you have done too much, hauling precious treasures from the dark places in the world."
You have too much treasure?
"The crew did not form so that we could own manors, or barter for a seat on the Imperial Council. We formed to explore, to have fun. Why not share in our bounty, in our good fortune?"
What did you mean about the fragility of life?
"Ah, yes. My background is somewhat different than other members of the crew. In years past I was a Vinedusk ranger. I served in the conflict that split Valenwood asunder."
And that's what shaped your outlook?
"Yes. I did ... things. Things I will not speak of. Today, every gasp of breath is precious to me. The sight of your pulse on your neck cheers me."
All right. Why are you a member of the Undaunted?
"As I said, life itself thrills me. To enter a crypt, end the undead? To face down a construct twice my height and tell the tale? Truly, that is to be alive. To be Undaunted."
Why are they called pledges?
"It was my idea. Many of out cohorts are drunken thrill seekers. That's not how I see life. Thus, the pledge. A pledge to explore the deep places in the world."
Do I have a say an actual pledge to undertake the challenge?
"I'd prefer it. Ahem. "I pledge to explore," state the name of the dungeon here, "and return Undaunted." Simple, I think. Noble."

Speaking to him again after meeting Urgarlag:

"Maj awaits you, Undaunted. If you have the constitution to survive her pledges, we will speak again soon enough."

Daily Pledges[edit]

When speak you speak to him to start a new daily pledge, he will say one of the following:

  • "Your gear has suffered from the passage of time. Stem the tide. Take the pledge and earn yourself new blades to replace the old."
  • "My comrades are louts. Pompous, undisciplined, just waiting for death to take them. Show me you are not like they are. Take the pledge."
  • "Death has not yet claimed you. That is good. Take the pledge, and we will see how the day ends."
  • "Turuk Redclaws implied you were a wet piece of bread, used to sop milk off a plate. I would not let this stand. Take the pledge."
  • "Look me in the eye. I can see it. You do not fear death. Take the pledge. And we shall make death fear you."
  • "Kailstig the Axe plumbs the deepest dungeons, and throws fists of gold to tavern wenches. Show him you are greater than he. Take the pledge."
  • "The one called Mighty Mordra … continues to draw breath. With that breath, he implies you are not brave enough to take the pledge. Prove him wrong."

If you leave before claiming your reward, he will greet you with one of the following:

  • "I can feel time passing us by. We will never see this moment again. Claim your reward."
  • "Is there a reason for your hesitation? Take your reward. From the look of your armor, I'd say you earned it."
  • "Have your experiences with the dark magics of the Daedra warped your perception of time? Do you not want your reward?"
  • "Has steeping in death for so long dulled your appetite for life? Claim your reward and see if that thrills you into action once more."
  • "You can study my countenance as much as you like. Wouldn't you rather have a reward?"
  • "Do you not want your reward? If nothing else, you could use a new tunic."
  • "Trees grow rings as you wait, Undaunted. Don't you want your reward?"
  • "On reflection, your animate carcass is a welcome sight in the camp. Would you like your reward now?"

After completing the daily pledge, Glirion may say one of the following lines:

  • "I do not know if you have a soul. I hear much discussion of such things. If you value yours, pray this evening. Tomorrow may bring Oblivion."
  • "The next time you walk through a tomb, pause. Pick up a skull, and consider the extinguished hopes and dreams. Then come see me tomorrow."
  • "You have done well today, Undaunted. You have let death pass you by for another turning of the sun. Return tomorrow ... and we shall see if you can do it again."
  • "Undaunted, I have no further adventures or rewards to offer you today. Depart, so I may contemplate the fragility of my existance [sic] until tomorrow."
  • "I live by a simple code: no debts. Makes a pleasant bartenders and ensures my death will pass unremarked. Talk to me tomorrow, and we will contemplate death again."
  • "Is the Undaunted obsession with robbing the dead a reflection of some kind of inner darkness? Return to me tomorrow, and we will ponder this further."

Crypt of Hearts I[edit]

Each and every pledge begins with the same question asked by you:

What's the pledge today?

The dialogue that follows depends on the dungeon you'll be running.

"The Crypt of Hearts. A place of love and hope twisted by jealousy and hatred into a perverse dungeon of eternal torment. The dead cry out for rest. Deliver it to them."
"Before you raise your hand to the twin wardens of the crypt, invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle. If you are not made their eternal slave, you may claim yourself Undaunted."
I pledge to explore the Crypt of Hearts and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:


Returning from the pledge:

"Your soul is not free of your body just yet. What of the spirits of the crypt?"
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "You have sundered the twins and the chains they held upon the dead. What reward can compare to the world set right? I do not know. Perhaps this will suffice.
Take what's yours and return to me tomorrow to set right the world again."
Hard Mode not completed (?)

Crypt of Hearts II[edit]

"Crypt of Hearts. The dark spirit of Nerien'eth has returned to the ruins. He leads an army of Daedric monsters. Cleansing the Crypt of Oblivion-spawn will be … challenging"
Any way I can earn something extra?
"If you're looking for an extra challenge, allow four of Nerien'eth's followers to survive until he takes up the dark blade. Face the ruins unafraid. And return Undaunted."
I pledge to explore the Crypt of Hearts and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:

"Do not tell me Daedra trouble you now? Perhaps it is the sad tale of the Crypt that puts you off. Don't trouble yourself, Undaunted. See this through."

Returning from the pledge:

Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "Then take your key, and your cut. I am glad it was you that laid Nerien'eth to rest, Undaunted. When we speak again tomorrow, I hope it will be of happier times."
Hard Mode not completed "Take your key, and your cut. I must have time to sit and ponder the tragic tale of the Crypt. Hopefully when we speak tomorrow, such sorrow will not be required."

Arx Corinium[edit]

"Arx Corinium. A relic of the fallen Empire. Drowned and consumed by swamps and serpents, as you will be should you travel there. Or will you, Undaunted?"
And if I can handle more?
"You seek death? Then invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle and present yourself to the queen of the lamia to court your demise."
I pledge to explore Arx Corinium and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:

"Do you doubt if you are the predator or prey in this cautionary tale? If you are Undaunted, you know the answer. Now prove it."

Returning from the pledge:

"Soaked to the bone, yet still breathing. Have you left the lamia cold and dead?"
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "You pried open the jaws of death and tempted it with your bare throat. For sending the lamia queen to her grave without the taste of your blood on her scaly lips, you are deserving of the name Undaunted.
Take your reward. Tomorrow we begin again."
Hard Mode not completed "This prize was not fished from the guts of languid serpents, but it will do.
Take your key and cut. Tomorrow I will present another opportunity to be swallowed whole."

City of Ash I[edit]

"City of Ash. When forests burn, they might yet be given new life. So too may it be for Whisper Grove, but not while the throngs of Mehrunes Dagon continue to spill forth from Oblivion.
Face the Daedric horde. Scatter it, and return to me Undaunted."
And if I can handle more?
"You wish to brand your deeds upon those woods? If you invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle before you clip Razor Master Erthas from the tree, you may leave your mark."
I pledge to explore the City of Ash and return Undaunted.

Talking to him before finishing the pledge:

"Does the smoke and scent of burning dreams not appeal to you? Face the holocaust. Extinguish the flames consuming the City of Ash. Return Undaunted!"

Returning from the pledge:

"You return … paler than you left. Is that soot or fear on your countenance?"
Whisper Grove has been liberated from the Daedra.
"Then rejoice. Your trial by fire has concluded without your life being extinguished."
I will rejoice when I have my reward.
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "I would be remiss not to reward one who walks boldly through flames to face their foe. You have left Razor Master Erthas as broken as brittle brambles.
Take your key and your cut. Quench your hot blood tonight, for tomorrow the world may burn."
Hard Mode not completed "A reasonable request. Take your key, and your cut. When next we speak, tomorrow, I will put more faith in your sword arm."

City of Ash II[edit]

Accepting the pledge:


Speaking to him before doing the pledge:

You haven't left. Would you leave the task of closing that Oblivion Gate to others? As the Dagon cultists would say—embrace the new day. Fight their lord. Ruin his machinations"

Returning from the pledge:

"You're here and still breathing. I assume the Oblivion Gate is shut?"
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "Indeed, I must atone for doubting you. You took up the Frigid Tome and slew Valkyn Skoria without hesitation. The mark of true Undaunted.
May this key and your cut help you forgive any offense my undeserved skepticism might have caused."
Hard Mode not completed ""


"Volenfell. A newly-discovered Dwemer ruin. Bold treasure hunters vie to be the first to explore its halls. Would you be outdone by them?"
"Then invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle before you face what mechanized guardians must surely watch over the place. Should you prevail, we will know you are Undaunted."
I pledge to explore Volenfell and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:


Returning from the pledge:

Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "You are owed more than respect. Being the first to set foot in the ancient earth takes mettle. To survive its unknown dangers takes skill. You have both.
Add your key and your cut to your new found treasures. Tomorrow you may face uncertainty again."
Hard Mode not completed (?)

Tempest Island[edit]

"Tempest Island. The Maormer are attacking off the coast of Malabal Tor. They wield the storm and the sea. You wield Undaunted determination. Which will be the victor?"
"The Maormer Stormreeve can sheer your flesh with the winds and shatter your bones with the waves, but if that is not enough you have only to invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle. I will listen for the breaking sky."
I pledge to explore Tempest Island and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:


Returning from the pledge:

Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "Now. When you have returned home the victor to the cheers of your cohorts.
Hold your prize high and show you are mightier than the storm. Enjoy it while you can, tomorrow the winds may not show you their favor."
Hard Mode not completed ""

Direfrost Keep[edit]

"Direfrost Keep. The cycle of vengeance between witch and witch hunter plays out once again. This time on a stage of ice. Will you stand frozen as the scene plays out, or seek center stage for yourself?"
And if I want all the fame?
"Then invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle and challenge the witch Drodda in the seat of her power. Remain Undaunted or know the shame of having your folly preserved in ice."
I pledge to explore Direfrost Keep and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:

"Has the cold rooted your feet from this great distance? Go to Direfrost Keep. Free it from the ice witch's grasp and return Undaunted!"

Returning from the pledge:

"I expected your frozen corpse would decorate Direfrost's halls. It is good to be wrong now and again."
I have freed Direfrost Keep from the ice witch.
"Instead of singing a dirge about your death, I will direct our bards to sing of your victory. The new epic will move you to tears."
Right. May I have my reward?
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "You are not one to let adversity chill the passion in your blood. The ice witch was no match.
Take your key and your cut. Tomorrow I will stoke the fire in your veins once again."
Hard Mode not completed "There is no more unrelenting foe than your environment. It cannot be bested, only withstood. Today you made an enemy of the elements and return Undaunted.
Take your reward. Let the warmth return to your body before another day cools it forever more."

Blackheart Haven[edit]

"Blackheart Haven. A paradise spoiled by pirates.
Cut through the jungle and ruthless plunderers. Stop their tireless pillaging and shepherd their treasures into more deserving hands."
And if I can handle more?
"Captain Blackheart has a fearsome reputation, but if that fails to impress you then invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle. What inventive form of torture and death awaits you in failure? I do not know."
I pledge to explore Blackheart Haven and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:

"I hold pirates in the same esteem that I hold bandits and other vermin. The chore of clearing them out is a necessary burden. Get to it!"

Returning from the pledge:

"You return. I had expected you to be carrying armloads of plunder. Does Blackheart still live?"
Captain Blackheart and his crew are dead. Again.
"Again? There is more to this story, I see. Share it with your fellows around the campfire. The reminder that all is not always as it seems would do these louts good."
First, I'd like my reward.
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "The legend of Captain Blackheart ends where yours begins. Sailors will murmur your name in awe and thanks. No less than I would expect from Undaunted.
Take your rightful prize. Tomorrow we may continue to nurture your living myth."
Hard Mode not completed "Pirate hoards have whet your appetite for treasure. You've earned that much, at least.
Take your key and your cut. Tomorrow riches may be the least of your concern."

One less crew of marauders plaguing the seas is worth celebrating. I cheer at your conquest. In my heart.
Take your rewards. Seek me again on the morrow. Our work is never done.

Blessed Crucible[edit]

"The Blessed Crucible. A contest of blood and fire. Warriors across Tamriel vie for the Brimstone Crown. Represent us in this competition and prove the Undaunted are aptly named."
"he Lava Queen has held the Brimstone Crown for centuries, but if you believe she is past her prime then invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle. The spectacle may be worthy of memory, even if you do not survive it."

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:


Returning from the pledge:

Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "They are in the looks of admiration. The hearty cheers. And the chests in our camp. For casting down the Lava Queen and claiming her crown, you have earned the lion's share of all.
Take your key and your cut. Tomorrow you may defend your throne."
Hard Mode not completed (?)

Selene's Web[edit]

What's the pledge today?
"Selene's Web. No place for the civilized. Or even my brutish peers. The beasts and their Bosmer keepers are formidable and deadly. Will you be the one to tame this wild place?"
And if I can handle more?
"Selene is the ruler of her domain. It bends to her command. Prove that you will not bow as well. Invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle and cut the threads binding her life."
I pledge to explore Selene's Web and return Undaunted.

Speaking to Glirion before completing the dungeon: "Does the thought of the creatures of the dark forest give you pause? Do their hungry fangs and sharp claws make your skin crawl? No beast is the match of the Undaunted. Find that truth!"

Returning from completing the pledge:

"Have the itching ivies and nibbling bugs laid you low. or do you return from Selene's Web Undaunted?"
Selene has been dealt with.
"Once again the forest is tamed. Best to leave it to run wild in time. When all the places of the world are conquered we will be left hollow."
Perhaps, but what has today's hunt earned me?
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "You have cut out the heart of the forest and bitten deep. Selene's Web is a bone yard. Nature trembles at your tread, Undaunted.
You've earned your key and your cut. Come to me tomorrow. I will find you another land to tame."
Hard Mode not completed (?)

Vaults of Madness[edit]

"The Vaults of Madness. Misshapen as its creator's mind. Filled with the horrors of Oblivion. Only eternal torment awaits any who would enter. Does that entice you?"
And if I can handle more?
"The Mad Architect is the only mortal to make pacts with multiple Daedric Princes. Your sanity would shatter merely looking upon him. If you wish to dive headlong in to madness, you have only invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle and meet the maker."
I pledge to explore Vaults of Madness and return Undaunted.

Speaking to him again before completing the pledge:

"You value your sanity, unlike many our cohort. But to deny this task is to lose yourself to cowardice. At least a lunatic suffers no shame."

Returning from the pledge:

"You do not howl, or claw at your face. Is it possible you bested the Vaults of Madness Undaunted."
I'm sane, and the Architect is dead.
""You have impressed me. To travel beyond Nirn. Best a menagerie of the foulest Daedra. Lost no part of yourself in the struggle. This is what it means to be Undaunted."
You honor me, Glirion.
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "I envy your fortitude. That is not a compliment I share with any other of our lot. I am Undaunted, but not unscarred. I hope you will remain the indomitable model of our peers.
Take your due and hope that dawn is the only thing to break tomorrow."
Hard Mode not completed "I am glad you are sane enough still to appreciate the victory.
Take your key and your cut. Drown any nightmares in rich drink and good company. Approach the new dawn with renewed verve and seek me again."


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