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Location Crypt of Hearts I
Crypt of Hearts II
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Faindor's freed soul upon the completion of Crypt of Hearts II

Faindor was an Altmer who studied in Alanwe and Nerien'eth's magical academy in Agea Relle. The son of a noble Altmer family, he had a great natural for magic and was initially enrolled in the Mages Guild until they became too impatient with his unruly behavior. He was considered the greatest mage the school ever produced according to Alanwe, and numerous Altmeri diplomats came to visit the day he graduated, calling him more powerful than Nerien'eth. On that same day, Nerien'eth made a Daedric pact, and Faindor was killed by the Daedra he summoned.

His soul is first seen in Crypt of Hearts I in the chamber of Uulkar Bonehand, where he is tortured by spectral banekin hurling fireballs at him. A vision of him speaking to Alanwe is also seen in the dungeon, and his soul appears alongside Anconath and Rulanir after the Ilambris Twins are defeated. His soul is once again briefly captured during Nerien'eth's return in Crypt of Hearts II, and he is freed after his former master's defeat, where he can be spoken to inside the room with the portal.

Related Quests[edit]


Lover's Torment[edit]

Alanwe speaks to Faindor
Alanwe: "Faindor!"
Faindor: "What?"
Alanwe: "How many times do I have to tell you not to rewrite Nerien'eth's texts? It's incredibly irritating. And insulting."
Faindor: "His books are wrong. All of this is pointless conjecture. You lot should be paying me to fix his work. The incoming classes will benefit greatly from my edits."
Alanwe: "By the Empyrean Light! The Altmeri do not openly criticize their elders! Were you conceived by Orcs? What's wrong with you?"
Faindor: "I might as well be an Orc, the way my parents shipped me off to you. But you know that, don't you, Alanwe? You're all such lovely Elves."
Alanwe: "I... apologize. Put the books back where you found them, and I shall leave it at that. You have talent, Faindor. Don't waste it showing off. If you think you can do better, prove it to us, when the time comes."
Faindor: "Please, have you read this garbage? Your husband knows nothing about conjuration. What does he even teach here? What is his purpose? Besides paying for this building? He's an insult to your kind. Your kind meaning mages. All the mages. In the world."
Alanwe: "Shut your mouth, Faindor! You're a horrible youth!"

Upon the Ilambris Twins' defeat:

Alanwe's Soul: "Do you feel that?"
Alanwe's Soul: "The others are returning!"
Anconath: "I don't know where you found your new friends, Alanwe, but they don't seem to fear death. It's admirable."
Alanwe's Soul: "They can speak to that better than I, but they've bested my husband's minions. We owe them everything."
Faindor: "Indeed."
Faindor: "By the Empyrean Light―I didn't know Nerien'eth had tortured so many of us. That whoreson dog!"
Rulanir: "Easy, Faindor. He'll pay when the time comes, but we don't want you rushing off to die. Again."
Anconath: "Our friends killed his Daedric pets. He may come looking for us, and we need to be ready."

When you speak to his freed soul at the end of the dungeon, he will say:

"The others have been singing your praises, but with a little more time, I would have gathered the magicka to free myself.
In another decade or so. It's hard to concentrate when you're on fire."

Edge of Darkness[edit]

After Nerien'eth's defeat:

"Aetherian light take him! I was so certain I could best Nerien'eth this time. That I had strengthened my spells.
If you hadn't come back, we'd all be dead. Again."
What happened to Alanwe?
"She sacrificed herself to cast a charm―sent Nerien'eth's Daedric artifact to who knows where.
The fool. All of us―any one of us here, would have given ourselves in her stead."
Who are you, again?
"I'm the greatest student Alanwe's school ever produced.
Nerien'eth had to make a Daedric pact to best me."
Were you rivals?
"I was his student. And his better. He always seemed to want my respect for his magical abilities.
And even after he murdered his wife, his students, and gave his soul to a Daedric sword for power, he still doesn't have it."
What will you do now?
Perhaps become the greatest spectral mage in Tamriel.
When Nerien'eth slayed me, I was a boy. The Daedra attacked the night before my graduation. Seems premature to retire, though I've lived for some time. Stuck here. Getting stabbed by Daedra."
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