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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png Free a cursed soul from her torment.
Zone: Rivenspire
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Alanwe
Location(s): Crypt of Hearts
Next Quest: Edge of Darkness
Concurrent Quest: Pledge: Crypt of Hearts I
Reward: Heartbreaker's Ebon Greaves
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 4379
Dungeon Group Size: 4
The Ilamrbis Twins torture the shards of Alanwe's soul
Alanwe lives a tortured existence in the Crypt of Hearts. Her soul has been shattered, and the pieces strewn throughout the Crypt. I have promised to help her.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Destroy the three phylacteries, talking to Alanwe after each one.
  2. Defeat the Daedra.
  3. Speak to Alanwe's Soul.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In the first open area in the Crypt of Hearts, you come across the Shard of Alanwe, the spirit of a former adventuring teacher. Her husband, Nerien'eth, cursed Alanwe after he was bewitched by Daedra. He separated her soul into three pieces and sealed them in phylacteries. She suffers unending torment, but she believes that if you break the phylacteries her soul will finally be able to rest.

The First Phylactery[edit]

The first phylactery is to the northeast. Enter the passage with the skull overhead and jump down into the hole—there is no way to cross the gap without falling in. This brings you to another large area with bookshelves along the walls and The Mage Master in the center. Go up the stairs on the eastern side, at the far end of the room. This leads you to another large room with four statues in the center. Another mini-boss battle ensues; this time you face Archmaster Siniel. After you defeat him, Alanwe and another spirit will appear. Alanwe pleads for Nerien'eth to stop as the other spirit burns in fire. You activate the phylactery, which looks like a silver vase, next to Alanwe.

Alanwe tells you that by breaking the phylactery you have ended Anconath's, the burning spirit's, torture. You can ask her for more information about Anconath or her husband at this point, or you can choose to move on to the next phylactery. You can also read about Anconath by examining the fire and reading Love's Eternal Flame.

The Second Phylactery[edit]

The next phylactery is to the south. Go through the exit at the other end of the statue room. You will see two spirits talking to each other. Take the path to the right, through the fanged skull. You will find another large open area. Note the gate below the skull, you will use it later. For now, make your way to the west end of the room. As soon as you get about half-way across, Death's Leviathan appears. Defeat him to enter the western room where the phylactery is.

In the room, you find Alanwe and Rulanir, a spirit stabbed over and over with a dark blade. You can talk to Alanwe for information about Rulanir, her old friend, or you can read The Deepest Cut at the north end of the room. Talk to Alanwe for information about the last fragment of her soul, then exit through the gate to the south-east.

The Third Phylactery[edit]

Go through the gate and continue straight up the stairs, past the arguing spirits of Nerien and Alanwe. The last area is outdoors, and there is a lich, Uulkar Bonehend, in the center.

After his defeat, the spirits of Alanwe and Faindor, whom scamps pelt with fireballs during the day, appear. Destroy the final phylactery, and Alanwe will thank you for freeing them both. However, two Daedra prevent Alanwe's soul from re-forming. Defeating them will stop their magic, and end Alanwe's torment. You can also read The Summoner to the right of Alanwe to learn more about her most gifted pupil.

Ending Alanwe's Torment[edit]

The Daedra Ilambris-Athor and Ilambris-Zavon are in a chamber south of Alanwe. Go back down the first flight of stairs and turn west. Follow this section until you reach another large room. The two Daedra are at the southernmost end.

"I don't know where you found your new friends, Alanwe, but they don't seem to fear death."

After defeating the two Daedra, the three parts of Alanwe's soul combine, and the souls of her three friends appear. Speak to the Alanwe's Soul.

"You've done the impossible! I've seen those Daedric fiends flay the souls of my friends with but a word. Your power must be immense. Dwarfed only by your generosity. I…the shards have merged and my soul is whole, once more.
What will you do now?
"Give you my gratitude. The Daedra drove Nerien'eth to do this. I know it. I would leave this plane, but I cannot, knowing Nerien is still out there. He may return, and on that day, I will do everything I can to free him from his Daedric influence."

Quest Stages[edit]

Lover's Torment
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find the first Phylactery and destroy it to release a fragment of Alanwe's soul. I should be careful, as Alanwe mentioned it was under guard.
Objective: Destroy the First Phylactery
Objective Hint: Kill Archmaster Siniel
I've released a shard of Alanwe's soul by destroying the first Phylactery. I should speak with her.
Objective: Speak with Shard of Alanwe
I should find and destroy the second Phylactery to free another shard of Alanwe's soul.
Objective: Destroy the Second Phylactery
I've destroyed the second Phylactery. I should speak to the second shard of Alanwe's soul that I've released.
Objective: Speak with Shard of Alanwe
I should find and destroy the third Phylactery to free another shard of Alanwe's soul.
Objective: Destroy the Third Phylactery
I've destroyed the third Phylactery. I should speak to the third shard of Alanwe's soul that I've released.
Objective: Speak with Shard of Alanwe
The shards of Alanwe's soul have been freed but now I must face the Daedric creatures, Ilambris-Athor and Ilambris-Zaven, who are keeping the shards of Alanwe's soul from reuniting.
Objective: Kill Ilambris-Athor and Ilambris-Zaven
☑Finishes quest With Alanwe's soul reformed, she is now free from the torment her husband, Nerien'eth, inflicted on her.
Objective: Speak with Alanwe's Soul
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